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i think like 7 to 15?

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Q: How many people in a olympic swim team?
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There are 16 people on your swim team one fourth of the team went to a swim meet in aprilHow many people went to the swim meet in April?


How many people on an olympic hockey team?

An Olympic field hockey team has a roster of sixteen players.

How many people can be on an olympic team?

There is no official limit on how many Olympians there are in a team.

Names of 1972 us olympic swim team?


How many people do olympic fencing?

up to 2 people @ a time can play fencing but in the olympic team there are.................a lot of people???????????????

How many people in the Russian olympic team?


How many people are there Nauru's Olympic team?


How many people are there on the GB Olympic team?


How many people are in the nz olympic team?


How many people are there on the US Olympic team?


How many people are on the GB olympic team?


What size is a competitive swim team pool?

If by a competitive swim team pool, you mean olympic size swimming pool, it is 50m Long and 25 m wide.

What state is the woodlands based out of?

"If you are referring to the Woodlands Swim Team, they are based out of The Woodlands, TX. The Swim Team has sent over twenty-five swimmers to the Olympic trials."

How many people are on the 2012 US Olympic team?

There are 529 athletes on the 2012 US Olympic team. There are 268 women and 261 men.

How many players are on a swim team?

There is not such a thing as players on a swim team. If you are wondering about members there can be more than 10. That is basically how many people you need. You can have up to about 100 succesfully.

How many people are on a beach volleyball olympic team?


How many people are on the olympic team?

It depends on the country and the year.

How many people are there on the Chinese olympic team?

there are 804 i believe.

Who is the US olympic swim team coach?

Eddie Reese was named the men's Olympic swim team coach. He was also head coach of the men's 1992 and 2004 Olympic swim teams. Jack Bauerle was named women's head coach. This will be his first Olympics as a head coach. Click on the '2008 Olympic Swimming Coaches' link on this page to read a short bio of the two coaches.

How many people are in the olympic rowing team?

It depends on what country you are talking about. The 2008 US Olympic rowing team had 45 members.

What are the various water sports YOG?

water polo, 100 meter swim, 400 meter team swim. these are also olympic events.

How many people are in the nz London olympic team?

186 athletes

How many people are there on the U.S. Olympic team?

529 all together.

How many people are in each olympic team?

there are 2 or more players

How many people make up the Jamaican olympic team?