How many people in Canada play hockey?

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Q: How many people in Canada play hockey?
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How many people know how to play hockey in Canada?


How many people play ice hockey in the Canada?

Dusty flow

How many people currently play hockey in Canada?

827,672,098.45 roughly

What is the most popular activity in Canada?

Hockey, i know more then half the people in my class play hockey and hockey night in Canada is HUGE

How many girls play hockey in Canada?

My guess is about 1/2 of Canadian girls play hockey.

People like to play ice-hockey there?

canada or india

How many people play ice hockey in Canada?

Well even though ice hockey is Canada's national WINTER sport (and lacrosse being the summer national sport ), hockey is not the most played in our beautiful capital! Soccer is the most played sport in Canada. Now i can not tell you the exact number of people who play hockey in Canada or even an estimation, but i do now that the percentage of people who play ice hockey in Canada is 24% of our youth population, and our total percentage is 37%. My resource is a book called 'Whats the Answer".

How many kids are playing hockey in Canada?

According to the Hockey Canada website there are over 500,000 kids of varying ages registered to play hockey in Canada. Of course,there are many more who play hockey in local areas but don't necessarily register with official organizations. For example, there are several dozen kids in my little town who play on the local rink but are not part of Hockey Canada.

What kind of sports do people from Vancouver Canada play?

A good amount of people from Vancouver play ice hockey.

How popular is hockey?

Not easy to answer. Hockey is huge in Canada but the U.S. and many European countries play as well

Can you only play ice hockey in Canada?

NO? you can play hockey any where there is ice

What percent of people play soccer in Canada?

Well based on the estimated Population of 34,000,000 in Canada and 2,695,712 (Soccer Canada's Number) people play Soccer in an organized league, that works out to 7.93% of the population. Ironic since Hockey is considered to be the National sport yet only 570,000 people play organized Hockey (Hockey Canada's Numbers) which makes for a percentage of approx 1.69% of the population.

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