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Through the 2008 season, the following players hit 500+ HRs and played their entire career for one team: 1) Mike Schmidt - 548 - Philadelphia Phillies

2) Mickey Mantle - 536 - New York Yankees

3) Ted Williams - 521 - Boston Red Sox

4) Ernie Banks - 512 - Chicago Cubs

5) Mel Ott - 511 - New York Giants

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there have been 25 players that have hit 500 career home runs this a list of them including their total #

Barry Bonds 762 * Manny Ramirez 548

Hank Aaron 755 Mickey Mantle 536

Babe Ruth 714 Mike Schmidt 548

Willie Mays 660 Jimmy Foxx 534

*Ken Griffey Jr. 630 Willy McCovey 521

Sammy Sosa 609 Ted Williams 521

Frank Robinson 586 Frank Thomas 521

*Alex Rodriguez 585 Eddie Mathews 512

Harmon Killebrew 573 Ernie Banks 512

Rafael Palmeiro 569 Mel Ott 511

*Jim Thome 567 * Gary Sheffield 509

Reggie Jackson 563 Eddie Murray 504

* denotes players still active

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There have been 25 players who have hit at least 500 or more home runs in their career.

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As of 2009 there are 25 playes with 500 home runs or more.

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Q: How many people hit over 500 home runs in major league baseball?
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