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the answer is 5. as of today (7/8/2010) when a 59 was recorded for the 5th time.

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Q: How many people have shot a round of golf 59?
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What by means of 'start a round of golf'?

A round of golf is simply started when a player hits their tee shot on the first hole.

Who hit golf's 'shot heard round the world?

Richard Nixon

What is the name for one shot under par?

For a round of golf- one under. For a given hole- a birdie.

What is a do over in golf?

In golf a do over is called a mulligan. These are really only used in the US. When a player hits a golf shot, and is unhappy with the result he may re-hit that shot. If they hit their second shot, and it went into the water, they can re-hit their second shot etc.Players usually agree a set number of mulligans per round.

In golf who hit the shot heard round the world?

In the 1935 Masters, Gene Sarazen holed a 235 yard 4 wood on the 15th hole for an albatross, this shot was called 'the shot heard around the world'.

What is a stroke in golf?

A strock in golf is called a shot

When did Best Shot Pro Golf happen?

Best Shot Pro Golf happened in 1996.

What name is given to a short shot in golf?

A 'Chip Shot' or a 'Pitch Shot'

When was Best Shot Pro Golf created?

Best Shot Pro Golf was created on 1996-06-14.

Has anyone shot five under par in golf?

Yes the PGA record for lowest score in one round is 13 under or a score of 59.

Missed shot in golf?


What is a golf scramble?

a golf scramble is another name for a Texas scramble on every hole everyone tees off then you choose the best drive then everyone plays for there then you choose the best second shot and play from there and continue this for the round

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