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Q: How many people have managed Aston Villa and Birmingham City?
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Which city does the football team Aston Villa come from?

Aston Villa are based in Witton, Birmingham.

Does Aston villa fc come from London?

No Aston Villa are a Birmingham based club in the Aston area

Who is Aston Villa?

Birmingham City

Who is Aston villa's rival?

Birmingham City

What came first Birmingham or Aston?

Aston villa came first

What city do Aston vlla play in?

Aston Villa play in the city of Birmingham.

Who is the main rival of Aston Villa?

birmingham city

Are birmingham city good?

BIMINGHAM are sooo bad they are not in the prem an ASTON VILLA are a lot better ASTON VILLA:5v1:BIMINGHAM ...tipical vile ...there is a R in BIRMINGHAM! villa arnt real Brummys! end of

Was Ron Saunders manager of Aston Villa in 1982?

No, Ron was sacked in 1981 and just missed HIS team win the European Cup in the following year of 1982. Ron Saunders produced the best EVER team the Villa ever had.

How does English city have a football team Aston villa?


Who moved from Birmingham City football club to Aston Villa?


Who played for Norwich Blackburn Chelsea Celtic Birmingham Aston Villa?

Chris Sutton he retired after injuring his eyesight playing for Aston villa