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during the 110 years that Rugby has been played 71 people have died mostly of broken necks

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Q: How many people have died while playing rugby in the last 120 years?
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Did you have to be a certain religion to play rugby years ago or could any one play?

No, religion did not proclude you from playing rugby.

How long has Daniel carter been playing rugby?

25 years

How many years has Daniel Carter been playing rugby for?


Who are the longest playing rugby league players who are still playing today?

Darren Lockyar, played for about 20 something years.

How long has Dan cater been playing rugby?

he started playing at school at the age of 10 he is 29 (2011) therefore he played 19 years

At what age do kids in New Zealand start playing rugby?

Any Age - Formally they can start at 4 years old in the mini rugby programme in both codes

Do they do rugby in Olympics?

In past years, rugby has not been in the Olympics. However, in the next Olympics, in 2012, it will be. Though rugby is normally played with 15 players on each team, the Olympics will be playing a more fast-paced version in which there are only 7 players on each team.

How long has ruben wiki been playing league for?

Ruben has been playing rugby league since he was 8 years old, he has played Professional since he was 20 years old for the Canberra Raiders, and retired at 35 years old for NZ Warriors......

What sports do Tonga play?

Rugby union is the national sport in Tonga.Football has a following, while Judo, surfing, volleyball, and cricket have gained popularity in recent years. Rugby league is also played.

Are robots allowed to play rugby in England?

No, unfortunately from my own experience, i know that robots, by law, are not allowed to play rugby in England. I have benn playing rugby for 10 years and yesterday i was informed that due to me being a robot, i am no longer allowed to play. My name is Ben Stollery

Which rugby-playing centre has been with Leinster for 12 years and has the record for the most tries scored in the Six Nations?

Gordon D'Arcy

Is rugby called football in England?

No. Rugby is refered to as Rugby or Rugby Football. The latter being the name of the game in its earliest years when the Rugby game was derived from football (soccer)

How did the rugby ball changed over the years?

why did the rugby balls change

Who made up the game of rugby?

William Webb Ellis invented rugby by picking up a football and running with it. However, the rules of the game were not fully created until late 1800 some 40 years after eeb Ellis was playing football.

Has anyone died while they where playing rugby?

Sadly yes there have been fatalities over the years. However, players working with the IRB and referee associations work tirelessly to reduce the risk, like sport accident do happen. Which is why there are some very specific guidelines regarding the contact areas.

If Jonah Lomu was not playing rugby then what would he be doing now?

In the amateur years he trained as an engineer,but when the game went professional he couldn't keep his studies up.

When did rugby become a professional sport?

Rugby League split from Rugby Union to become professional in 1895. Rugby Union would not become professional for a hundred years, until after the 1995 Rugby World Cup.

How old do you have to be to be a rugby player?

mini rugby starts at 4 years old.

What Sports People Use To Get Energy?

There is a lot of sports to get energy, like: Cricket, Rugby League, AFL, Rugby Union, and more, I played Rugby League for 8 years. That gave me alot of energy. So i could do other important stuff. With mates and family.

Who is the oldest rugby player still playing?

There are many teams of veteran rugby players, who recently competed in a tournament in Madeira which goes to show that rugby goes on past the thirty year age group. Personally I play for a team in Porto Portugal who field players upto the age of 50+ and i myself am 59 years and still a keen player playing whem time permits every Saturday throughout the year. I train every day to keep fit and from this feel a wonderful sense of wellbeing. As of July 15 2008, the oldest rugby player still playing is a 90 year old Japanese man named Sadayoshi Morita.

When ca you play rugby leag?

you can play rugby league for a club at five years to whatever

How did rugby player Ali Williams get on the Auckland 'All Black' team?

According to the "nzgirl" website (refer to the link, below): "(Ali) Williams made his test debut of the All Blacks after playing just two seasons for the Auckland Blues and with five [previous] years of rugby experience."

Do you need to be born in US to play for US rugby team?

Each Rugby union will have its own specific rule on eligibility Most will expect a player to be born in the country of playing choice but you are able to be selected in grand parents were from the country and if you live in the country for 4 years

How many years ago was rugby started?

about 141 years today (2012)

Is football more dangerous then rugby?

Its not for sure which is which. Though Rugby has less protection they only have limited impact on eachother and the basis for all their tackles are only for the person with the ball, in American football the impact from a tackle can easily kill a rugby player, In rugby you might leave with bumps or bruise. As a Rugby Player i can see the hits that are coming at me n prepare myself, But when I moved to America and started playing Football at first it was chaos, I broke my leg, ankle, and wrist which put my career at a hault for 1 year and i barely made it back on the field even after therapy. In rugby I was use to a minor concussion or a typical cracked bone. The padding gives American player the right to hit you as hard, and as deadly as they want. And with the helmets i was blindsided and clipped many times. Rugby as well is just as dangerous but atleast you leave the field nowing your career is safe and you can live another day, In america on the average just for High Schools Students 10% of their football players are paralyzed. And 5% ended up dead these are not professionasl these are teens 15, 16 and 17 years of age and they are killing eachother for sport. Rugby is never that dangerous unless people aren't playing by the rules. And even then you can still be sure to atleast live. Even when playing by the rules you end up dying so Yes American Football is much more dangerous than Rugby.