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How many people have died playing nrl ?

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none at the moment (19/05/08)

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Q: How many people have died playing nrl?
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How many people play NRL?


How long has benji marshall been playing NRL for?

benji marshall the hottest guy in the world has been playing NRL for a very long time :) hes fricken hot as

How many seasons in a NRL season?

There are 47 seasons in a NRL season

How do you get into the nrl?

You get into the NRL by competing in a Carnival and NRL teams see you play and ask if you want to play for them.

In what year did the nrl begin?

it was thought of in 1907 but de teams started playing 1908

Participation rates in Australia for rugby league?

Average NRL game = 17,367 people Nrl all stars = 26,687 people

How many times did the penrith panthers win the nrl premiereship?

They have won the NRL premiership twice as of 2010.

How many people like AFL?

In Australia lot's of people from Victroica, SA and WA are strong in AFL, NRL are strong in Sydney and Queensland.

What problems was Sonny bill having in the nrl?

idn! but he was the only person playing for the bulldogs

Do people like robbie farah?

no people hate him he is the worst player in the nrl by Zak and Tyler

How many football teams in nrl?


How many grand finals has the Auckland warriors won?

They play in the NRL - not the AFL. But they havent won any NRL premierships either.

How many games are plaid in a NRL season?


Is there such thing as the NRL?

yes there is such thing as the NRL

How many times did the penrith panthers won in nrl?


Where are the cards in nrl mascot mania?

there are so many i dont how where they are

How many games have Brendan Bate played for NRL?


Who funds the Australian rugby league?

The Australian People, NRL, Sponsers and Government.

What does NRL stand for?

NRL stands for the National Rugby League

When was NRL Dream created?

NRL Dream was created in 2010.

When did jarryd hayne start playing rugby?

Jarryd Hayne started playing NRL in 2006 for the Paramatta Eels. Jarryd Hayne began playing junior league for Cambelltown City, East Cambelltown and Cabramatta,

What year did it change to the nrl?

The first NRL season was 1998. Before that there were two leagues which were the ARL and the Super League, which joined to form the NRL.

How many weeks in NRL?

30 weeks; last four are finals

Who owns the nrl website?

Bigpond owns the official NRL website.

When was the first premiership in nrl?

The first premiership in NRL was played in 1908.