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1 person.....the person from Georiga (the country) who passed the other day....poor guy

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Q: How many people have died on the ice luge throughout the history of the Winter Olympics?
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How many people played in the 2010 winter Olympics for USA?

We had 215 people participating in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics from the USA.

Why do you have summer Olympics and a winter Olympics?

There are winter Olympics so people with winter sports interest can compete in the games. eg. Skiing, figure skating. Summer Olympics so people with summer sports can compete in the games. Gymnastics, swimming...ect.

Why did the winter Olympics began?

so that people can have fun in winter and not lose there talent.

What sport brings thousand of people to the region during the winter?

The Winter Olympics

How many people watched the 2006 winter Olympics?

184 million people watched the 2006 Olympics.

How many people participated in the winter Olympics?


Why did they start the winter Olympics?

People wanted to see Snowboarding, Skiing,Bobsleigh,etc. On Olympics but they were during Summer not Winter.[sup dude]

Who won the 2008 winter Olympics?

there was no 2008 winter Olympics. There was a 2008 SUMMER Olympics but not winter. There were a bunch of different people that won different medals in different sports in the summer '08 Olympics, not just one person winning the whole thing.

How many people from Germany competed in the 2010 winter Olympics?


How have people with Hansen's disease been treated throughout history?

people with Hansen's disease been treated throughout history by searching it up!

How many people competed for Canada at the 2010 winter Olympics?

Canada had 206 athletes competing at the 2010 Olympics.

How many types of Olympics are there?

There are five types of Olympics which are- 1-Summer Olympics 2-Winter Olympics 3-Paralympics (for disabled people) 4-Youth Olympics 5-Special Olympics

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