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Quite a few, Dale Earnhardt Sr. and Fireball Roberts are some of the most famous.

Friday Hassler, Adam Petty, Kenny Irwin, Neil Bonnett, John Nemechek, Clifford Allison and Joe Weatherly are some of the others.

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There have been a few:

Jun 2009 Carlos Pardo

Aug 2007 John Blewett III

Aug 2004 Tom Baldwin, Sr.

Aug 2004 Marcelo Nunez

Oct 2001 Blaise Alexander

Feb 2001 Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Aug 2000 Tony Roper

Jul 2000 Kenny Irwin Jr

May 2000 Adam Petty

Mar 1997 John Nemechek

Dec 1995 James Robinson (died of injuries suffered in 1988 event)

Oct 1995 Russell Phillips

Feb 1994 Rodney Orr

Feb 1994 Neil Bonnett

Feb 1993 Joe Booher

Aug 1992 Clifford Allison

May 1992 Gary Batson

Aug 1991 JD McDuffie

May 1990 David Gaines

Apr 1990 Tony Jankowiak

Nov 1989 Grant Adcox

Sep 1989 Don Pratt

Jun 1989 Tommy Druar

Jul 1987 Corky Cookman

Mar 1987 Charlie Jarzombeck

Feb 1987 Bruce Jacobi (died from injuries suffered in Feb 1983 event)

Jun 1986 Rick Baldwin

Oct 1985 Richie Evans

Nov 1984 Terry Schoonover

Feb 1984 Joe Young

Feb 1980 Ricky Knotts

Jan 1980 Tim Williamson

Feb 1979 Don Williams

Aug 1975 Tiny Lund

Aug 1973 Larry Smith

Feb 1972 Friday Hassler

Feb 1970 Talmadge Prince

Feb 1969 Don MacTavish

Jan 1967 Billy Foster

Oct 1965 Harold Kite

Sep 1965 Buren Skeen

Jan 1965 Billy Wade

Sep 1964 Jimmy Pardue

May 1964 Fireball Roberts

May 1964 Joe Weatherly

Mar 1958 Gwyn Staley

Aug 1957 Bobby Myers

Jun 1956 Thomas Priddy

Jun 1956 Clint McHugh

Apr 1956 John McVitty

Oct 1954 Lou Figaro

Jun 1953 Frank Arford

Jun 1952 Larry Mann

Jul 1948 Slick Davis

(please add if I forgot any)

Davey Allison - Jul 1993 - died from injuries suffered in a helicopter crash at Talladega Superspeedway.

Alan Kulwicki - Apr 1993 - died in a plane crash on his way to a NASCAR event

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Dale Earnhardt Sr., Davey Allison, Neil Bonnett. Many participants have died on the way to, or from the track, as well. Ricky Hendrick, Alan Kulwicki, Adam Petty (who died practicing at New Hampshire Motor Speedway), and many others along with these bigger names, as well.

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During a Formula 1 Racing Weekend, there has been 23 FIA Formula Racing Deaths. Most deaths in a Formula 1 Season is 4 back in 1958. Most deaths in a race is a tie between 1955/1959 Indianapolis 500, 1960 Belgium GP AND 1994 San Marino GP with 2 Deaths. The Most deaths at a track is 7 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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Since 1952, there have been 52 Nascar drivers who died while driving a stock car.

Click on the link below to see the names, dates and series.

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Hundreds of people have been hurt in nascar sanctioned races. Many people have also lost their lives. It is a dangerous sport.

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WOW, way too many to count. Sorry

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Q: How many people have died in Nascar since 1945?
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