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loads of people have them you should get one there fun to use and learn tricks

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โˆ™ 2013-04-12 17:00:56
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Q: How many people have bmx bikes?
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Are ruption bmx bikes better quality than you the people bmx bikes?

ruption bmx bikes are good but we the people are just a little bit better

How many people in the world ride bmx bikes?

Not enough.

How many stunts can people do on bmx bikes?

The stunts you can do on a BMX are only limited by your imagination and physics.

Does gt bmx bikes make dyno bmx bikes?

yes they do

Are bmx bikes easy to peadal?

Yes Bmx Bikes Are easy to pedal because it is not heavy and there are many of gases inside of it and many of taes on it

Where is the main manufacturer for BMX bikes?

BMX bikes were invented in 1974. It became official when George E Esser founded the NBL. There is no main manufacturer of BMX bikes but there are many different ones.

What were the hip bmx bikes in the 60s?

BMX bikes weren't around in the 60s.

How do bmx bikes device work?

I have no idea what you mean by a "bmx bikes device".

Is Haro a bad bike brand?

in my opinion i rate haro bmx bikes,gt bmx bikes and redline bmx bikes as the top 3 bmx bike brands

How many different models of bmx bikes are there?


Where can the BMX people get there bikes from?

Try looking here

Are framed brand BMX bikes good?

are framed bmx bikes any good

Are bikes from academy real bmx bikes?

Yes, they are professional bmx for street/park.

Does BMX make any performance bikes?

BMX makes many performance bikes. They come in many styles and specs to fit any rider. Check out and search BMX, you will find what your looking for.

Where can cheap BMX bikes be found?

Cheap BMX bikes can be found on eBay, Kijiji, Craigslist, Bike Warehouse, Halfords, Walmart, Bicycles Direct, Amazon, Vital BMX, BMX Shop and DK Bikes.

If you get a bmx bike from target is it real?

The BMX bikes that you buy at Target and or Walmart are not the same BMX bikes that are used in BMX Racing and BMX Freestyle. Real BMX bikes are lighter, they have diiferent size sprockets among many other things. Feel free to google the National Bicycle League or the American Bicycle League to get more information.

What are those mtb bikes cross bmx bikes called?

Dirt bikes

How many types of bicycles are there?

there are more than 10 bmx bikes.

What company makes BMX bikes?

BMX is a generic name for a certain type of bikes, there are plenty of companies that make them.

How many gears do bmx bikes have?

"True" BMXes are single-speed bikes. Gears don't hold up well to being thrown around as may BMX bikes are. For racing, they're not even allowed.

Where can you find bmx bikes?

The shop !!

Are mongoose bike bmx?

Yes, they Are Bmx Bikes. I Do Not Recommend Them Thought.

What kind of bikes were used in the movie bmx bandits?

BMX's lol

Do Singapore have bmx bike?

If you wonder if there are BMX bikes in SIngapore, then the answer is yes.

What is the best BMX bike?

There are many great bmx bikes it is mostily based on your style of riding weather or not the bike is good.the most perfered bmx bikes are as listed.ColonyWe The Peopleredlinehoffmanfit-bikepremiumkinkharomongooseEasternKHEblanktheres bike are in the right (this is a amazing online bmx bike store)