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Their is a different amount of people on the PGA tour each year. You have to go through a certain test to get a licence to play Golf on the PGA tour.

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12 million

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Q: How many people go to the PGA tour?
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How many Nationwide Tour players based on season-ending earnings make the PGA Tour?

The top 25 in earnings are given PGA memberships for the following season. Additionally, any player who wins three Nationwide tournaments in one season is promoted to the PGA tour for the remainder of the season. However, if that player is not in the top 25 in earnings at the end of the season they must go to qualifying school to earn a spot on the PGA Tour for the following season.

Where can I find a list of PGA Tour gold courses?

For finding a list of PGA Tour golf courses you can go to multiple websites, such as-

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Is Tiger Woods the only PGA golfer that did not have to go to Q school?

No, plenty have players have got a tour card without going to Q School, Rory McIlroy for example, he won a European Tour card from finishing high enough up the money list in tournaments he received exemptions in, them qualified for a PGA tour card from his world rank. Some players play a year on the Nationwide tour in an attempt to finish in the top 25 and win a PGA Tour card.

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How is it possible to play the PGA Tour before earning a PGA Card?

Yes, There are a couple of ways to play on the PGA without a tour card. One way is a sponsors exemption. obv, this is really hard as you have to be pretty well known... Another way is most Open tournaments have a qualifying tournament to get into the main tournament. An example of someone that never had to go to Q-school or Play on the Nationwide tour is Tiger Woods.

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Do kids have to pay at PGA tour events?

Check the website of the event you wish to go to, usually you will find that under 16's get in free with a paying adult etc.

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