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Their is a different amount of people on the PGA tour each year. You have to go through a certain test to get a licence to play Golf on the PGA tour.

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Q: How many people go to the PGA tour?
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How many Nationwide Tour players based on season-ending earnings make the PGA Tour?

The top 25 in earnings are given PGA memberships for the following season. Additionally, any player who wins three Nationwide tournaments in one season is promoted to the PGA tour for the remainder of the season. However, if that player is not in the top 25 in earnings at the end of the season they must go to qualifying school to earn a spot on the PGA Tour for the following season.

How can you earn a tour card for free?

* Get sponsors exemptions and finish in the top 125 of the PGA Tour money list, * Go to q-school, get to final qualifying and earn your card, * Join the Nationwide Tour and finish in the top 25 for the season * Win a PGA Tour event

How do you qualify for the PGA Tour?

Answer first you go to PGA qualifing school and then get your PGA card There are a few ways. You can go through Q school and the Nationwide tour or you can be highly ranked on the world money list/rankings like many European players who play in the states. You also qualify for a card if you play in the Ryder Cup. There are a few other quirky ways but finishing in the top 25 on the Nationwide Tour is the most common. Getting your card is one thing...keeping it another :)

Where can I find a list of PGA Tour gold courses?

For finding a list of PGA Tour golf courses you can go to multiple websites, such as-

Can you unlock Phil mickelson on tiger woods PGA tour 08?

yes the code is DRIVER there u go

Is Tiger Woods the only PGA golfer that did not have to go to Q school?

No, plenty have players have got a tour card without going to Q School, Rory McIlroy for example, he won a European Tour card from finishing high enough up the money list in tournaments he received exemptions in, them qualified for a PGA tour card from his world rank. Some players play a year on the Nationwide tour in an attempt to finish in the top 25 and win a PGA Tour card.

How do you get Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002 to play without the course CD-rom disc?

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How is it possible to play the PGA Tour before earning a PGA Card?

Yes, There are a couple of ways to play on the PGA without a tour card. One way is a sponsors exemption. obv, this is really hard as you have to be pretty well known... Another way is most Open tournaments have a qualifying tournament to get into the main tournament. An example of someone that never had to go to Q-school or Play on the Nationwide tour is Tiger Woods.

How many people go to warped tour every year?

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What does Demi Lovato's family do?

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How many PGA Tour players use irons with graphite shafts?

I would literally go out on a limb here and say zero. I haven't seen a PGA Tour player using graphite shafted irons in about 5 years. KJ used to use graphite shafts in his irons around 7 years ago and they were an orangey pink colour, he is the last one I can remember.

Do kids have to pay at PGA tour events?

Check the website of the event you wish to go to, usually you will find that under 16's get in free with a paying adult etc.

What is a PGA card?

I think you are combining two concepts. You can join the PGA by being a professional in the golf community. This can be a playing pro, teaching pro, club pro, etc. The PGA has a long list of types of pros and PGA members. A "Tour Card", what you typically here about for Q school, or "keeping their card" is a level of exemption for playing on the PGA Tour. Not all PGA professionals are qualified to play on Tour (in fact, most aren't). To keep your card, a big requirement is to place in the top 150 on the money list (I think). You can earn your tour card by placing high enough in Q School, top 25 on the Nationwide money list, etc. You can get exemptions into tournaments based on your play, too. It's complicated to cover all the ways to get to play on tour. I think if you win the Masters, you get an exemption to play in it for the next 10 years as one example. You can play as a pro without joining the PGA. You just declare "pro" in an open tournament. Go out on Monday and qualify. Make it to Thursday. make the cut. Make some money!

Whats the password to unlock Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 can you beat me tiger ball?

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How is it possible for Michele Wie to go pro at 15 if you have to be 18 to attend the required school to get a tour card or win three nationwide tour events which she has not done?

She is declaring herself a pro, now she can accept monies won in tour events and edorsements where as an amateur she could not. She has 6 sponsor exemptions on the LPGA (womans) tour, but she is not a member of that tour until she becomes of age. Nationwide is the mens tour, win 3 and you can play on the PGA tour.

Who won the Skins Game in 2006?

The winner of the LG Skins Game of the PGA Tour in 2006 was Stephen Ames. Ames would go on to win again at the event the following year.

Did Phil mickelson go to Q school?

Phil Mickelson did not go to Q school due to the fact that he won the Northern Telecom Open, a PGA tour event, as an amateur in 1991. He was able to turn pro the next year.

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Were and when was Tiger Woods first PGA tour hole in one?

The 1996 U.S. Bank Championship was Tiger Woods' first PGA Tour event as a professional. On the final round, he used a six iron on the 188-yard, par-three 14th hole. It went straight in for his ninth lifetime hole-in-one. Woods would go on to finish tied for 60th place in this tournament, but he won two other tournaments that year.