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I went to a soccer game in Atlanta last night, and there was over 50,000 people there. I would guess in other countries, where the sport is more popular, up to 100,000 people may show up.

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Q: How many people go to a soccer game?
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How many people go to an average soccer game?

There are 50,000 people at an average in a football match.

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How many people go to watch a soccer game in Argentina?

Games regularly attract crowds of between 45,000 and 75,000 fans.

After you are substituted out of a soccer game can you go back into the game after a while?


How long does a U16 soccer game go for?

80 minutes

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your dad

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How many people play in a soccer team?

i guess there isn't really a number as to how many can be on the team. but only 11 people go out on the feild at a time

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Can Expert opinion what does he think about soccer?

Soccer is a great sport. It helps you build up friendships, your confidence, and gets you lots of exercise. Soccer is also a fun way to learn to make good strategies. Some idiots say people who play soccer are stupid because they are just kicking a ball around, but those are the people who haven't tried it. If one of those people tried to play soccer they would end up failing miserably because they don't understand the game a bit. Soccer can bring out your inner strengths and it is a game of strategy. Go soccer!

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