How many people get in fights?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Q: How many people get in fights?
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What do people do for fun in Peru?

Many people from Peru like to watch or take part in cock fights (chickens) and bull fights. Also, many people love to just play sports outside of their house with a group of other people.

How many fights can start in a week?

It depends when people wanna fight.?

How many people fight a day?

More Than 25 Or More People Are In Fights Everyday

Who did Ii have a fight with?

There is no way to tell who Li had a fight with. He or she may have had many fights with many people.

How many people were in dog fights?

The question is incomplete. brief yourself please

Who did Eminem get in a fight with?

the answer is not exact because eminem has gotten in fights with many people

Where can one watch kimbo fights?

An individual may watch or view Kimbo fights on YouTube. There are many people who have their own channels which upload Kimbo fights so that anyone with an account can watch them.

Does grovetown middle school have fights?

Fights as in people being mean towards one another? Because if so, all schools have fights no matter what the cost, or what the people in it.

Why was Leif Erickson baned from Iceland?

Because he had too many fights there and killed a lot of people.

How many people a year are put into jail for dog fights?

people do that cuz they have no heart and more than 3 thousand people get in jail for that

What type of fights did they have at the roman Colloseum?

They did many fights with dangerous weapons.

How many syllables are in the word fights?

There is only 1 syllable in "fights."