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not a lot of people do so i would not do

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Q: How many people find the use of Ipod holders for going jogging?
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What kinds of iPod holders can one find to use in their car?

Docks & Mounts and ProClip USA make iPod holders for vehicles. A person can buy these iPod holders at stores such as Best Buy, RadioShack and Walmart.

What is the best portable CD player for jogging?

Ipod is the best.

Where can I find some accessories for my apple iPod?

There are several accessories that are available for use with the Apple iPod. There are protective cases and sleeves, as well as holders and decorative accessories for the iPod.

What supplies should you have to start jogging?

To start jogging you should have these supplies:A decent pair of running or training shoes...Loose clothing or sweats...An iPod with music that keeps you pumped... (optional)A GOOD ATTITUDE!That is basically all you need! So get out there and start jogging!

Why wont ipod touch let you go on runescape?

Because Ipod isn't java compatible at the moment, there are people that are trying to bypass this, but it's not going to plan.

Where can I get Nike iPod accessories?

Nike IPod accessories are sold at many stores across the country such as best buy, Nike, Fry's electronics and even Kroger. They have a wide range of products and prices from head bands to iPod wrist holders.

Your iPod is in your idog but its not going is that because you need to charge your ipod?


What are some cute iPod touch accessories?

Some cute iPod touch accessories are cases with designs or bling on them , colored headphones, and also holders that are decorated. You are sure to find something you like.

Is the Sony walkman an old video game system?

No, the sony walkman is not an old video game system. It is actually a radio that comes with headphones. It was invented long before the ipod. Many people used them while jogging or working out.

Why can't I download and install iTunes 10.1.1 into my iPod?

You do not install iTunes into your iPod. You have to use iTunes to download iPod software to get the iPod going.

Do you need to have a receipt for changing iPod touch?

Yes you do have to have the receipt because in case your iPod touch didn't work and you didn't have the receipt then the people who works in the store isn't going to replace it.

How does technology impact society?

technology advances society in almost every way, from the hammer to the Ipod