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The San Siro will hold about 60,000 people. We must remember that the ground is owned by both the two Italian giants Inter Milan and A.C. Milan.

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Q: How many people does the san siro hold?
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How many does the san siro hold?


How much does the san siro hold?


What is the population of Borgo San Siro?

Borgo San Siro's population is 1,090.

What is the area of Borgo San Siro?

The area of Borgo San Siro is 17.3 square kilometers.

How big is San Siro?

The san siro - Capacity 81,277 Field dimensions 105m x 68m

Which team has their home ground named San Siro?

The team that has its home ground named San Siro is Ac Milan.

Who is the tenant of Stadio Giuseppe Meazza San Siro?

The tenant of Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro) are Milan and Internazionale.

Where is the football stadium called San Siro located?

The football stadium called San Siro is located in Milan, Italy. San Siro is the home stadium of Associazione Calcio Milan and Futbol Club Internazionale Milano.

Which stadium has the most capacity between san siro and old traford?

Old Trafford holds 75,957 and San Siro 80,074.

Do ac Milan and inter Milan play in the same ground?

Yes - the clubs share use of the San Siro Stadium in Milan

What year did the san siro open?


What is the capacity of Stadio Giuseppe Meazza?

Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro) holds 80,018 people.