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Q: How many people does Madison square gardens hold?
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What office did James Madison hold?

Madison was the 4th President of the United States.

What does James Madison mean by a republic?

I believe that what James Madison meant by republic was this - a country governed by its people rather than by a monarch. No one man should hold all that power.

How much of people population can the world hold?

200 square miles

How can you get hold of tim hoare record producer?

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How many people can Madison Square Garden hold?

It depends on the venue. Hockey = 18,200 Basketball = 19,763 Theatre = 5,600 Wrestling = 22,292 Boxing = 20,789 Concerts = 39,522 (unless the artist has a special stage set-up then it could be more or less)

How many people can fit into 1800 square feet room?

Well accoring to NPR at the inauguration ceremony they will cram in 6 people per meter or 6 people in about 10.7 square feet. That means that 1800 square feet could hold 1009 people. Of course, you will really be crammed in and won't be able to move.

What was Madison view of human nature?

As long as men hold different opinions, have different amounts of wealth, and own different amount of property, they will continue to associate with people who are most similar to them

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How hold is madison pettis?

She is currently 13 years old and her birthday is July 22 1998.

What was the room that Dolley Madison hold weekly Wednesday receptions?

The Red Room is what it is now called.

How many gallons of water would Madison Square Garden hold?

I've been trying to find the inside dimensions of "The Garden" for some time now. I need these in order to answer your question. If you know them, please e-mail them to me at :,5oclockman

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