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Q: How many people do you think play football in scarborough?
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How many people live in Scarborough?

Scarborough has a population of around 50,000

How many people live in scarborough UK?

around 55000 people live in north and south area of scarborough

How many people visit Scarborough every year?

Over 5 million people visit Scarborough, but if you are planning on visiting, take a English-French dictionary. Only 10 people in Scarborough speak English, due to their proud French heritage.

How many children does Joe Scarborough have?

Joe Scarborough has 4 children

How many times have Scarborough f. c. won the fa trophy?

Scarborough Football Club, a now defunct soccer team, won the FA Trophy on three occasions, sharing a joint-record with Telford United and Woking of this mark. Scarborough's winning seasons came in 1972-73, 1975-76 and 1976-77. They were also beaten finalists in 1974-75, being beaten by Matlock Town.

How many miles is it from scarborough to Newcastle?

91 miles

How many Miles is Manchester from scarborough?

134 miles

How many miles to Scarborough from Leeds?

67.3 miles

What is more watched Family Guy or Football?

Football by many many millions of people.

Where can one find information about traveling to Scarborough?

People interested in traveling to Scarborough can try visiting TripAdvisor. This useful website features lists of hotels and attractions in many places around the world, complete with customer reviews and price estimates.

How many people were watching football in the football stadium today?

its around 80,000 to 90,000 people

What country is Scarborough in?

Scarborough is a popular name used throughout several countries and Canada is one. Or many other British Colonized states.