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Q: How many people do you need to have on a team for figure skating?
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What are the connections with figure skating and speed skating?

figure skating and speed skating use skates, and are on ice. to do both of these sports you need strong muscles in your legs. you also need good posture.

What kind of equipment do you need for figure skating?

Skates. That's why it's called figure skating. What did you expect?

Is figure skating played indoor or outdoor?

Figure Skating can be an outdoor sport if it is cold enough outside for water to freeze. You need a flat, ice surface in order to skate. Mostly, figure skating happens inside ice rinks, where people can groom and polish the ice surface.

What degrees you need to be a figure skater?

Figure skating is a sport, and you do not need to have any particular education to be a figure skater, though I would recommend getting an education in case the figure skating career doesn't turn out as you had hoped.

What sports need ice skates?

The sports of figure skating, speed skating and ice hockey all need ice skates.

What is the equipment for figure skating?

You need Figure Skates (with ankle support) And suitable clothing (leggings)

What is the difference between figure skating and power skating?

Figure Skating is a sport where there are many levels that you progress into by competing with other skaters in your level. In each level there are a certain amount of requirements that you need to preform in front of judges. Its also a very graceful sport. Speed Skating is a sport where people compete on your speed. You don't have required elements, you just skate around the rink to see who is the fastest. Also speed skaters and figure skaters have different types of blades and boots.

What equipments do you need to figure skate?

Basically just figure skates! Stretchy athletic clothing or figure skating dresses are the usual attire.

Can you put ice skating blades in roller skating shoes?

You technically could, but it probably wouldn't be very practical. Figure skating boots are made differently than roller skating boots. You need a certain amount of cushioning, support, etc. to figure skate successfully.

Where can one train for figure skating and how long is the training for figure skating?

You can train for figure skating at your town/city's arena. Training for figure Skating can vary. You need to learn the basics of the sport, the jumps and spins, and the stuff inbetween also known as foot work. Every skater is different. It may take longer for someone to land a simple axel jump than for another.

What do you need for figure skating?

For a beginning figure skater you should simply start off with a jacket, snowpants, and a pair of gloves. Most skating rinks allow you to rent skates and take begginer lessons.

What do i need to to to pass Pre-alpha in figure skating?

Practice sculls(A.K.A. fishes),stroking,dips,backward skating, and stops (snowplow stops).

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