How many people do the Sky Dome hold?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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the real answer is 50,516 people for Baseball and 53,000 football.

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Q: How many people do the Sky Dome hold?
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Who is the sky in greek mythology?

Ouranus represented the dome of the sky.

Why was the sky dome built?

This did not answere this

What actors and actresses appeared in Sky Dome - 2013?

The cast of Sky Dome - 2013 includes: Michael Bean as Sydney Scott

What did ouranos control in roman mythology?

Heaven: the sky-dome.

How many pages does The Sky People have?

The Sky People has 304 pages.

Where is sky dome located?

The sky dome is located in Toronto Ontario Canada. And by coincidence, today June 3, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. By the way, is now called the Roger's Centre.

When was the sky dome built?

began in 1986 and finished on june 1986

Where did the blue jays play before the sky dome was built?

That was 1989.

The point directly overhead in the sky dome?


What kind of roof did the Rogers center have?

It has a dome shaped roof. Thus, before it was called the Roger Centre, it was named the Sky Dome.

What did atlas hold on his shoulders?

Many people and paintings depict the titan Atlas holding up the world. This is entirely not true. When the gods of Greek Mythology beat their older relatives (the titans) in a war, Zeus assigned the strongest titan (Atlas) to hold up the SKY not the world.

Does hold paper on the sky?

I don't know of anything that will hold paper onto the sky.