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There are a lot of people that will do it as a sport. The pros of course do and there is a lot of them

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Q: How many people do fishing as a sport?
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When did fishing become a sport?

Fishing is a hobby for many people. However, sometimes it becomes a profession and sport for others. It first became a sport in the mid 1940's.

What sport has killed the most people?


How many people at Columbus AFB think bass fishing is the greatest sport ever?

114 people.

What is the more popular sport in the UK football or fishing?

It depends upon how you define 'popular': judged by the number of people who watch the sport, the answer would be football. Conversely, if you judged popularity by how many people actively paticipate in the sport, the correct answer would be fishing!

Would you class fishing as a sport?

yes fishing is classified as a sport.

Is sea fishing a sport?

Done by rod and reel it is. Commercial fishing is not a sport.

Where can information on fishing for sport be found?

If one is wanting to find information about fishing for sport there is a wealth of information available on Wikipedia under 'recreational fishing'. This type of fishing is done for pleasure or competition rather than commercial fishing which is for profit. One can also find information on fishing for sport on the Sport Fishing Magazine website.

What is the reason for fishing?

Everybody goes fishing for fun or sport usually. Some people do it to make a living, and others do it to survive.

How many people die each year from fishing accidents?

Fishing it now the most dangrous sport. More people die of fishing then they do of ski-ing, ski-diving, base jumping and snowboarding all put together. Approxamitly 100,000,000,000 people die

What is the most popular sport in the western hemisphere?

Fishing, or soccer if you don't call fishing a sport.

Which king in the book Manasollasa described fishing as a sport?

King Someshvardeva described fishing as a sport.

When was Sport Fishing with Dan Hernandez created?

Sport Fishing with Dan Hernandez was created in 1990.

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