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just one... your MOM

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Q: How many people die playing hockey?
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How many people die playing baseball?


Why do people have to where pads in hockey?

good question the answer to that is that every1 is a baby in hockey and they decided to die to make other people where pads there u have it

How many people die playing rugby?

40,000 to 80,000 a year

How many people die a year from air hockey?

over 3000, mostly from lack of actual athletic ability and obesity

How many people die each year from playing squash?

Dude Google it!

About how many people die while playing tennis?

1 every year

How many people died from not doing sports?

actually people don't die from not playing sports they die from not exercising and keeping healthy

How many people die in a year playing the game twister?

5 people!

Could you die from ice hockey?

Yes you could die from ice hockey

Do people die by playing games?


How many people die a year from playing Soccer?

Death from playing professional sports, like soccer, is very rare, thought it does occur sometimes == ==

When did Trevor Hockey die?

Trevor Hockey died on 1987-04-02.

When did Milton Hockey die?

Milton Hockey died on October 10, 1949.

How many people die each?

People die once.

How many children die playing football?


When did Munir Dar - field hockey - die?

Munir Dar - field hockey - died in 2011.

When did Bob Taylor - ice hockey - die?

Bob Taylor - ice hockey - died in 1993.

When did Henry Murphy - field hockey - die?

Henry Murphy - field hockey - died in 1942.

When did Jack Douglas - ice hockey - die?

Jack Douglas - ice hockey - died in 2003.

When did Bob Boucher - ice hockey - die?

Bob Boucher - ice hockey - died in 2004.

When did Ron Hudson - ice hockey - die?

Ron Hudson - ice hockey - died in 1984.

When did Tom Howard - ice hockey - die?

Tom Howard - ice hockey - died in 1945.

When did George Morrison - ice hockey - die?

George Morrison - ice hockey - died in 2008.

When did Alexis Thompson - field hockey - die?

Alexis Thompson - field hockey - died in 1954.

When did William Cockburn - ice hockey - die?

William Cockburn - ice hockey - died in 1975.