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Q: How many people did Muhammad ali how in his family?
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Did Muhammad Ali Jinnah marry?

Muhammad Ali Jinnah was married and had a family.

How many people did mohammed ali ko?

Muhammad Ali had 37 ko's

Muhammad Ali's family tree?


Did Muhammad Ali has a family?

he has a wife and his daughter is the boxer Laila Ali.

What is Muhammad Ali's family life?

i dont no

Muhammad Ali how many wiwes he had?

Muhammad Ali had 4 wives ...

How many children does Muhammad Ali have?

Muhammad Ali has 9 children

What is Muhammad Ali's family history?

His father was a boxer

How many world championships did Muhammad ali win?

Muhammad Ali won 56 bouts.

Is Muhammad Ali's family Muslim?

no, he began Islam so there is no way for them to be an Islamic family

Who was Muhammad Ali's family parents siblings wife and children?

"Muhammad ali" has three bothers named gehad, Marcus and hares they are all one year apart from each other Cassius (Muhammad ali) is the oldest

Who was a Inspiration to Muhammad Ali?

alot of people.