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The Lakers can hold up to 19,000 fans in their arena.

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Q: How many people can the lakers seat in the arena?
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What arena in ancient Rome could seat 50000 people?

The largest arena in Rome was/is the "Colosseum".

How many seat are in Joe Louis arena?

Approximately 20,000 seats are in the Joe Louis arena

How many spectators are in an arena colosseum?

TheColosseumcould seat 50,000spectators.

How many square feet is needed to seat 20 people?

You may determine this for yourself, by measuring it at a sports arena, or in an aeroplane.

Circus Maximus was an oval arena that could seat approximately people.?


How many people does the HSBC arena seat?

The HSBC Arena in Buffalo, NY seats: 18,690 for ice hockey 18,500 for concerts 19,200 for basketball The HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro seats: 15,000 for sports events 8,000 to 18,000 for concerts

Is the Nassau coliseum an indoor or outdoor arena?

It is an 18,000 seat indoor arena...

How many seats in the O2 arena?

It depends if the people are fat or small they are if fat about 15 seats will be taken up if annirex only half a seat fat people cant fit into seats

What seating location are the lakers players seat on home games?

in Arizona

How good are the seat in row 232 in the Rupp Arena?

they are really nice because i seat there before

How many does Highfield Road stadium seat?

Highfield Road Stadium had 23,489 seats. It closed and moved to Ricoh Arena. Highfield was demolished in 1995. A 32,000 seat area was being built in the Ricoh arena.

How many seat are in quicken loans arena?

Quicken Loans Arena has a capacity of 20,562 with basketball. Meanwhile, it lessen down to 19,941 with hockey or 10,025 with curtain system. It is formerly Gund Arena and is the home court of the Cleveland Cavaliers.