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At most, 8 players on each team.

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Q: How many people can play bowling?
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What group or people play bowling the most today?

There are many groups of people who play bowling the most today. Most leagues choose to play the most bowling.

How many people play bowling every year?


How many players can play a bowling game?

about 8 players came play a game of bowling

How many people can play WII bowling at the same time?

depends on how many remates there are but if youve got all 4 4 can play

How many countries play bowling?


What sport has ten pins in it and where do you play it?

Bowling, and you play it at a bowling alley

Were can you play bowling?

bowling is played at lots of diffrent places. you can play at a bowling alley or buy your own set and play outside.

How many players can play bowling?

The number of players is unlimited.

How many people in the US go bowling?

Approximately 45 million people participated in bowling in the US in a year.

Do you need an even number of people to go bowling?

No you don't you can play with 3 people you just can't play by yourself

Did the stone age people use bones and skulls to do bowling?

to have a game to play

How many Americans play bowling every year?

approximatly 69,000,000

How many people can go bowling in a lane?


Which countries play bowling the most?

The US and the UK play the most ten pin bowling.

How many people have scored 300 consecutively in bowling?


How do you play 5 pin bowling?

You cannot. It is 10-pin bowling.

How much does it cost to go bowling in UK?

It depends how many people are going, how many sets you wish to play and things like that. On average around £3.50 each.

How people have practice for bowling?

Maybe People practice for bowling from Fun Bowling game,playstation2,wii sports or go to bowling alley.

What sports do Kuwaitis play?

they play golf and bowling

What sports do people in Bangkok play?

Bowling, tennis, ice skating, boxing, Badminton, and cycling

How many points are needed to play a perfecct game in ten-pin bowling?


How is bowling a good sport?

anyone can play the game of Bowling, no matter the age.

How many people can play ten pin bowling at one time?

If you are bowling with automatic scorers, it will depend on how many names the computer will allow you to put on one lane. It also depends on how long you want to wait between turns. typically 3 to 5 people bowl on one lane at a time.

In bowling .How many people have bowled multiple 300 games?


Why was Bowling Green in NYC named bowling green?

Because when it was originally built in 1733, it was a bowling green, where people play a game called bowls. It didn't actually have a name, so inhabitants called it "the bowling green" - which later became the actual name for it.