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Q: How many people can go skydiving at the same time?
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What is tandem skydiving people referring to?

Tandem skydiving people is the term giving when two people skydive strapped together. When people skydive for their first time they must tandem skydive with a professional.

How many people get injured skydiving?

Skydiving injuries can happen at any time to anyone. I don't think that there is a central place where all the injuries are reported. I have been hurt 4 times (1 major) in over 650 jumps. I know people that have thousands of jumps and have never been hurt at all.

My cousin's going skydiving should I be worried?

No. It depends. If this is your cousin's first time going skydiving, you should be worried. If your cousin has many dives under his/her belt, then you shouldn't be too worried.

What are the odds of being killed on your first time skydiving?

Your more likely to die in a car crash while driving to the skydiving location.

What is the practice for skydiving called?

We call it "skydiving". Actually the term skydiving was coined in the 1950s and came into popular use in the 1970s and 1980s. Up until that time what we do was most commonly referred to as "sport parachuting."

How is it possible to love two people at the same time?

It is possible to love many people at the same time, and most people do. We have an infinite capacity for love.

How much does a skydiving instructor earns per year in the UK?

That varies a lot from dropzone to dropzone. Some are not full-time and some instructors only work weekends. It is fair to say that the majority of skydiving instructors are part-time. Making a decent wage as a skydiving instructor is not easy.

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it means that different people can do the same thing at the same time

How many people can go into the museum at the same time on acww ds?

Only two can go in at the same time.

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Impossible to know. If people come up with the idea that it is time to wash their hair there are probably millions that think that as well at the same time.

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