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Q: How many people can go bowling in a lane?
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Where did the duggars go bowling at?

Fast Lane in Rodger, Arkansas

How many people in the US go bowling?

Approximately 45 million people participated in bowling in the US in a year.

What constitutes a foul in bowling?

well you do this and that and that constituts a foul in bowling stepping over the foul line at the lane before you let go

What constitutes a foul bowling?

well you do this and that and that constituts a foul in Bowling stepping over the foul line at the lane before you let go

Why is the bowling lane made so slippery?

When bowling sometimes you end up with either a smooth or rough ball if the bowling lane is rough the lanes would get messed up. If it is a smooth ball it wont go all the way down because it has no momentum.

How much does it cost to go bowling for eleven people?

It depends where you want to go bowling.

How people have practice for bowling?

Maybe People practice for bowling from Fun Bowling game,playstation2,wii sports or go to bowling alley.

If the lane in a bowling alley is well oiled will that help your ball hook?

No it will make you're ball go farther down the lane before it breaks towards the pins.

Why do people go bowling?

because they think it is fun

What will happen to a bowling ball if the bowling lane offers no friction?

The ball would slide and never roll. Also, it would continue straight in the direction it was going when you let go of it, and never curve or hook.

Do people from Argentina go bowling?

Yes go to the related link below for more info. * Dragon Bowling Argentina (in Spanish) * Bolito Website (in Spanish) * For Fan Bowling Club (in Spanish)

How is bowling played?

Well first, you have to go to a bowling alley and then you wil have to get a pair of rental bowling shoes. Next, you will be on your lane and your names will be on the screen. Then, when your name is highligted pick up a ball and look at the arrows on the lane and roll it down the middle arrow. You can roll it any way you like as long as your not lofting it. Then, throw either 3 balls for 5 pin or 2 balls for 10 pin.The point of the game is to knock over as many pins as possible with a bowling ball in a limited number of rolls, or "shots".

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