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Q: How many people can carry the torch?
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How many people carries the olympic torch?

8000 people carry the olympic torch.

How many torch bearers are in the Olympics?

about 8,000 people will carry the torch...

How many people will carry the 2010 Olympic torch?


How many people will carry 2012 Olympic torch?


How many people will carry the Olympic torch across Britain?


How many people will carry the olympic torch across the UK?


How many people will carry the torch?

noone the toch will burn out one day

Why do they carry the torch?

A torch is carried to help people see in the dark of night.

Do the people who carry the olympic torch get to keep them after their run?

Yes, if they pay around $300. They also disable the torch from ever being lit again.

Did lee shinkin carry the Beijing 2008 Olympic torch?

Yes, lee shinkin did carry the torch and so did theo walcott

What does the phrase 'carry a torch' mean?

If you are "carrying a torch" for someone, it means that you fancy them.

How far does each person carry the olympic torch in the torch relay?

300 mts

What does it mean to carry the link in who killed cock robin?

a link is a torch. Link boys would carry a torch for hire to light someone's way at night.

Why did they carry the olympic torch?

For s'mores.

How is the Olympic torch transportd to each Olympic games?

Lots of different people carry it from some some were and take it to the games

How many holes are on the olympic torch?

There are 8,000 holes on the Olympic torch. This is beacause there are 8,000 torch bearers. (They're the people who run with the torch.) Hope this helps and GO TEAM GB! WOO!

Why does romeo carry the torch on the way to the capulets party?

Someone has to carry the torch because it is night and Verona didn't have streetlights. Romeo says he will do it, making a pun on the two meanings of "light", suggesting that the light of the torch will help his heavy heart.

What are some phrases on carry?

Carry on Carry the torch Carry the water Carry the load

How many people participated in the torch relay in 2010?

about 201026541651 people

Who is the youngest person to carry the olympic torch?

Me :)

Does the Statue of Liberty carry a torch in her right or left hand?

The Statue of Liberty carries a torch in her right hand.

Did David Beckham carry the olympic torch?


Who carry the olympic torch in 1956?

Ron Clarke

What does the ghost of Christmas present carry in his hand?

a torch

What is the thing that you carry in the Olympics with fire on it?

The Olympic Torch