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Any number of people can be on a swimming team. The number depends on the size of the pool and the times that the team is allowed to practice.

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Q: How many people can be in a swimming team?
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How many people can be in a synchronize swimming team?

8 people in the team

How many people are on the swimming team in the book Whale Talk?


How many people in a synchronized swimming team?

there can be as little as 4 members or up to 8 in the team event.

How many people on a swimming team?

Well, it can be any number of people, but it really just depends the size of the pool and the location.

How many people like swimming?

alls people like swimming!

How many people are needed in swimming?

One. You only need one person to swim. It's not a team sport.

Is swimming a team sport?

It depends. Swimmers can make it a team sport by supporting their teammates and many people do better with others on their team cheering them on. But, some people like not really being part of the whole team and being more of an individual swimmer. Times are individual, so it is not a team in that way. Points from winning races add up to help win meets (mostly in high school swimming) which is the team aspect of swimming. Swimmers tend to bond with each other, making them more of a team. Overall, yes. I believe swimming is a team sport.

How many swimming pools in France?

Dumb question. People have swimming pools there. How many swimming pools in the US?

How many people are interested in swimming?

Many people. About 6,000.

How players are there in swimming?

Swimming is not a team sport so there are no players. If you mean how many athletes can swim together at a usual swimming lap, the answer is 8. If you mean how many players each team has in water polo, there are six players and the goalkeeper.

How many people died from swimming?

Nobody has died from swimming. It's drowning that kills you, not swimming.

Is swimming an athletic team?

No, swimming itself is not. However, there are swimming teams.

How many people can compete in synchronised swimming?

Í think that 6-7 people can compete in swimming.

Who inspired Stephanie Rice to be in the swimming team?

She didnt want to be in the swimming team, her parents enrolled her.

How many days a week dose a synchronised swimming team train?


Which swimming team is Michael Phelps on?

what team he is on is the USA team

Could swimming be enjoyable?

Many people find swimming an enjoyable way to exercise.

How many boyfriends Deepika Padukone had?

8 excluding her school's basket ball team, and the football team, and the swimming team and the kabadi team. :D

How do you hudle in swimming?

You get with the team

What is the number one swimming team in the would?

paww swimming!!!

The color of the swimming cap that the German team wore?

In 2008 the German swimming team wore black costumes and black swimming caps.

Is swimming famous?

I guess so. Many people swim. Almost everybody have heard about swimming.

What are examples of team sports?


How many people does the Olympic swimming arena hold?

12,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 people

What is the team for swimming?

There are many different names. They are all generally called swim teams. They consist of many swimmers.