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On average, the stadiums in England hold 36362 people.

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Q: How many people can an average soccer stadium seat in England?
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What is the biggest soccer stadium called?

The largest stadium by capacity (150,000 people) is the Rungrado May Day Stadium in Pyongyan North Korea. It is primarily used for Soccer but it is not a Soccer specific Stadium. The largest Soccer specific stadium in the World is the Estadio Azteca (105,064 people) in Mexico City.

Which soccer stadium holds exactly 28723 people?

reebok stadium

What stadium is bigger hockey or soccer?

soccer by along way the biggest soccer stadium can hold 150 thousand people which is in north Korea whilst the largest hockey stadium can only hold 45 thousand

Largest stadium in Brazil?

The Maracanã Stadium It was also the biggest stadium in the world... and since nowadays, it has the record of people inside a soccer stadium, 195.513 people watching to the match in it.

What do people eat while watching a soccer game in England?

None. Soccer is a completely different sport from all American sports in that a soccer stadium is not a family or child-safe environment, not fit for holding any sort of food. Simply youtube "superdragões" or "tifo" to see why.

When was USF Soccer Stadium created?

USF Soccer Stadium was created in 1978.

When was UNCG Soccer Stadium created?

UNCG Soccer Stadium was created in 1991.

Capacity for people in south Africa football stadium?

The main stadium, called Soccer City, can seat 95 thousand people. It is the biggest world cup stadium ever.

When was Air Force Soccer Stadium created?

Air Force Soccer Stadium was created in 1995.

When was Waipio Peninsula Soccer Stadium created?

Waipio Peninsula Soccer Stadium was created in 2000.

When was Soldiers Field Soccer Stadium created?

Soldiers Field Soccer Stadium was created in 2010.

How many people in England watch soccer?

98% of the people