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Can someone say how many attended rnc and dnc? Thanks

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Q: How many people attended the RNC this year?
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How many people attend the republican national convention?

How many people attended the republican national convention this year? Over 50,000 attended the RNC convention events around the city while over 20,000 were seated in the auditorium for the RNC Convention.

What is RNC's ad agency?


What is the full form of rnc?

Radio network controller

Is jak and daxter similar to ratchet and clank?

Yep, but RnC has more weapons

Was Mike Duncan a Good RNC Chairman?

Mike Duncan was the 63rd Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) he served from January 21, 2007-January 30, 2009 he was appointed by George W Bush. He lived and grew up in Oneida, Tennessee but campaigned in Kentucky for RNC Chairmanship. In 2009, Mike Duncan made an attempt to run for re-election VS Michael Steele Former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland. Mike Duncan won the first round 52-46, he tied with Steele on the second round 48-48, Duncan slipped the third round of voting with 51-44, Duncan resigned the forth ballot. When Duncan lost re-election to Steele he said, "Obviously the winds of change are blowing here at the RNC". Michael Steele was appointed the 64rd chairman of the RNC later that night, the Republicans are willing to elect and African-American politician as RNC Chairman in order to revive their party. Mike Duncan lost the RNC Chairmanship because in 2008 the Republicans lost the Senate seat, the President's seat and the House seat. With RNC Chairman Michael Steele, the Republicans had more victories, Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts, Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia and much more.

What is the difference between DNC and RNC?

The DNC (Democratic National Committee) and RNC (Republican National Committee) are the national governing bodies of the Democratic and Republican parties, respectively, in the United States. They are responsible for organizing and managing party activities, including fundraising, voter outreach, and coordinating the party's national convention. The main difference lies in their ideological and policy positions, with the DNC generally aligned with liberal and progressive positions, while the RNC tends to be more conservative and center-right.

When will you start seeing the extra 25.00 on unemployment in the state of tx?

When you do finally get it, just donate it to the RNC.

Did Romney mention Obama in the RNC speech?

Yes he did, on a number of occasions. I enclose a link to the transcript of his speech.

What is the education needed to become a RNC?

well they lie about Barack Obama proably a GED and be able to lie sucessfuly on a poligraph test

What is the radio polygon?

If you mean the Radio Polygon used by mobile phone providers, its a coverage area that is served by a group of cells all of which are connected to a specific piece of equipment called an RNC (radio network controller). If you travel whilst calling you are moved automatically from cell to cell - meaning that your phone connects to a new radio transmission station (called a base station) automatically. When you move between cells that are on different RNC there is additional processing required - especially if the new connection is with a different operator - or roaming When a company starts to develop a network in a given area it uses the positions and number of base stations to decide how many RNC are needed (they are very expensive - $2m ). When you add all of the base station coverage areas together you don't get a nice border because the base stations aren't located at regular intervals, they are dotted all over the map. Because its hard to manage this conceptually the designers draw a straight line around an area of the map that is served by a number of base stations and designates this 'polygon' to be controlled by an RNC. An obvious option would be to draw a simple grid over the are of coverage and assign RNC to each square but this would waste a lot of capacity in the edges whilst overloading the ones near the middle. The trick is to get enough coverage for all you subscribers in a given area using the fewest base stations and therefore the fewest RNC.

Who can diagnose schizophrenia?

Psychiatrists, Psychologists, MD’s , Physcians Assistants, Psyciatric Nurse Practitioner’s , MSW’s, LCSW’S , RNC’s , LADC’s and I'm sure there are some I am missing!

How does the US elect candidates?

Typically in today's political system, the two major parties, the RNC and the DNC have their own primaries to decide who is running on party funds.