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Estimates for the Olympics are:

  • 5,000 athletes and officials/ 2,700 are athletes
  • 10,000 media members
  • 14,000 volunteers
  • 2.3 million attendees

Source: says 7000 security personnel

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The most ever nations - 82 - will be competing in the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. In the last Winter games in Torino, 80 nations competed. Five nations will make their first ever appearance: Cayman Islands, Pakistan, Colombia, Montenegro and Ghana.

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2,566 (1044 women, 1522 men) athletes competed from 82 nations at the 2010 Olympics.

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Q: How many people attended olympics in Vancouver?
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How many Olympics has Louie Vito Attended?

American snowboarder Louie Vito has competed in one Olympics, the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. He finished 5th in men's half-pipe.

How many people attended the 1992 summer Olympics?

84,067 attended the actual Summer Olympic Ceremony.

How many people played in the 2010 winter Olympics for USA?

We had 215 people participating in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics from the USA.

How many people attended the Olympics?

There is no exact number of how many people attended the ancient Olympics, but they were known to draw large crowds. All free Greek males were allowed to participate in the event no matter their social standing.

How many people are there in the Fiji team that are going to the Olympics?

Fiji dont participate in the Olympics. The last Olympics Fiji attended was the Summer Olympics in Beijing China.

How many people attend the Beijing Olympics?

An estimated 184589342 people attented the olympic games. Thousands of Americans attended, if not more.

How many people attended and participated in the Ancient Olympics in 776 BC?

We do not have those details.

How many times has Vancouver hosted the Olympics?

Vancouver has never hosted the Olympics before the ones they are currently holding.

How many Australian people in 2010 winter Olympics?

There are 40 athletes from Australia competing in Vancouver.

How many more days until the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver?

Vancouver OlympicsOpening Ceremonies started on Friday February 12th. The 2010 Vancouver Olympics are over.

How many us athletes are at the Olympics?


How many Olympics has Argentina attended?