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millions of people each year attend foot ball matches in the UK

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Q: How many people attend football matches in the UK?
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How many people attend football matches weekly in Scotland?

usually around 4 people.

How many people are in employed at football matches?


How many people attend home hawkeye football games?


How many people attend college football games?

30 million

How many people attend NFL football games a year?

In present day about 70,000 or more people go to a football game.

How many football matches have south Africa won?

South Africa have won probably 50 or less football matches.

How many football matches has Liverpool?

The liverpool has so many matches so no one really knows

How many matches of football have Chile won?


How many people use BBC football fixtures?

Many people use BBC football fixtures. They use them to keep track of when matches are played, where their favorite team is in the rankings, and for their fantasy teams.

How many football matches do footballers play a year?


How many football matches in the champions league?

9 games.

How many matches have the french football team won?


How many football matches have Manchester United won?


How many Football matches did the French win?

In 2010 they did not win any.

How many football matches become stopped due to violence?


How many people attend professional football games each year?

usually over 38,000 people per game kool huh!!

How many games will were played at the World Cup football 2006?

64 matches.

Why cant people who like football explain why they like it?

Why does anyone like anything? People eat sleep and drink football, they enjoy watching their favourite team- the highs and the lows. Some enjoy the atmosphere of the matches and many people simply enjoy it.

How many people attend home games of the Rangers Football Club?

at most of the games the stadium is full so round about 51100

How many football matches has Cristionna Renaldo play in his career?

Cristiano ronaldo started his senior career in 2002. He has since played 496 football matches for Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United and Real Madrid. He has played 118 matches for Portugal.

How many people attend musical concerts each year?

why do people attend musical

How many people could attend a greek theatre performance?

15,000 people can attend it.

How many football matches did Richard Scott play for Birmingham city?

17+2 apps

Where can one check the historical statistics of the Chelsea vs Blackburn football matches?

Historical statistics of the Chelsea vs. Blackburn football matches is available on many different online sources. Some examples include the UK website Football and Chelsea-Mad.

What is a sports related project that could be done in a computer class?

You could do a graph on how many people attend football games a year. (Pick a team.)