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In present day about 70,000 or more people go to a football game.

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Q: How many people attend NFL football games a year?
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How many people attend home hawkeye football games?


How many people attend college football games?

30 million

How many people attend home games of the Rangers Football Club?

at most of the games the stadium is full so round about 51100

How many people attend professional football games each year?

usually over 38,000 people per game kool huh!!

How many people attend the olympic games?


How many people attend basketball games?


How many people attend football matches in the UK?

millions of people each year attend foot ball matches in the UK

How many people attend football matches weekly in Scotland?

usually around 4 people.

What is a sports related project that could be done in a computer class?

You could do a graph on how many people attend football games a year. (Pick a team.)

How many people attend the winter x games?


How many people go to football games in Texas?


How many people in the US tailgate at football games?

a lot.

How many people attend Bears games at Soldier Field in Chicago?

61,500 !

Do you have excursions to football games?

Many people enjoy outings to football games, for camraderie, tailgating before games, being among people, excitement and crowds, and cheering on your team.

Average amount of people that attend NBA games?

how many games are played in a regular nba season

How many people attend rugby games?

RL games are empty average is like 10-20thousand

How many people compete in football for the 2008 olympic games?


How many football championship games have the Oklahoma sooners won?


How many people attend Cubs games at Wrigley Field in Chicago?

29,000 to 31,000

How many people Tailgate at NCAA college football games?

millions of people, i guessType your answer here...

How many people attend AFL games a year?

1 hundred thousand billion a year.

How many athletes will attend the 2008 olympic games in Beijing?

According to 'The People's Daily'- the number is... 11,468.

How many people on average attend rugby games?

regional level 14000 average international 70000

How many bowl games are there for NCAA Division two football?

how many bowl games for division two football

How many people attend musical concerts each year?

why do people attend musical