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Q: How many people are there on the US Olympic team?
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Related questions

How many people are on the 2012 US Olympic team?

There are 529 athletes on the 2012 US Olympic team. There are 268 women and 261 men.

How many people are in the olympic rowing team?

It depends on what country you are talking about. The 2008 US Olympic rowing team had 45 members.

How many athletes US 2012 Olympic team?


How many athletes are on the 2010 us olympic team?


How many athletes are on the Olympic team from US in 2010?


Can US players be on Canadian Olympic team?

Yes, people that play for the NHL-USA can still play for the Canadian Olympic team. (Sydney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins/ Team Canada)

How many gold medals did the 1980 US summer Olympic team win?

The USA boycotted that Olympic game.

How many US athletes are participating on the 2008 Summer US Olympic team?

About 1,000,000 athletes.

Virgin islands Olympic team?

Yes the US Virgin Islands has an olympic team.

How many gold medals has the us olympic softball team won?


How many medals did the US olympic team win in the 2008 Olympics that year?


How many Louisiana High School swimmers have made the US Olympic team?


How many athletes are on the US Olympic team in the 2014 winter olympic games?

There are 215 athletes from the United States participating in the Sochi Olympics.

What is the nickname of the US Olympic basketball team?

Dream Team

How many people are there in the US swimming group in the olympic?


What is the purpose of the US Equestrian Team?

because some people have a dream of winning an Olympic game,b tut hey LOVE horses so they created the team for those people

How many medals has the men's US olympic team won since the beginning of olympic baskeball?

Through the 2008 Games in Beijing, the U.S. men's Olympic basketball team has won 16 medals (13 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze).

How many athletes are on the US Olympic team 2012?

The United States Olympic Committee sent a total of 530 athletes.

The Olympic US beach volleyball team has how many team members?

Two players are on each team. For the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the US has eight players, two mens teams and two womens teams.

How is the US Olympic team Financed?

The Mob?

Is Ray Allen a Olympic athlete?

Yes, he was on the 2000 US Olympic Basketball Team.

Approximately how many athletes will be on the 2010 US winter Olympic team?

First of all its no in the US its in Canada,Vancouver and there will be about 5,500 athletes competing.

How much does the US government fund the US Olympic Team?

a tenner

Was Andy Albershardt on the Olympic road bicycling team in 1980?

no, there was no olympic team in 1980 because president carter ordered a us boycott.

How are athletes being selected for the 2012 Olympic Tae Kwon Do team from the US?

There are USA Taekwondo Olympic Team trials where the prospective competitors compete and the winners are selected to the team.