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more people are right handed in the world...

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Q: How many people are right handed in hockey rather than left handed?
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Can left handed people do which craft?

They can do most crafts but have to play hockey the right handed way.

Can you turn a left handed one piece hockey stick into a right handed stick?

All hockey sticks are right handed.

Why can't you play hockey left handed?

It is possible to play hockey left-handed. The hockey stick can be used both ways, left and right handed.

What right-handed golfers also play hockey right-handed?

Yes, most of them do

Are there more lefties or righties in hockey?

More righties. its just more natural for people to be right handed when playing hockey

Can you play left handed in hockey?

yeah. you can play hockey left handed if you can't play with your right hand...

What kind of ice hockey stick does one use if they are left handed?

If one is left handed they would just use a regular hockey stick. They are all made to be to be ambidextrous so that right and left handed people can use them easily.

Are there more left handed people or right handed people?

well there are more right handed people in the world. btw right handed people ROCK and are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is a right handed guitar for a right handed person?

Yes, a right handed guitar is for right handed people.

Are more people right handed then left handed?

No There is actually more right handed people then left handed people here are the mere results /10 left handed 6.43 right handed 3.57 I think

What is the world ratio of left handed people to right handed people?

well there are 689 people in the world that are left handed,but i am trying to figure out the right handed one right now.

What is another word for right handed people?

Another word for right handed people is "dextral" and For left handed people "sinistral"

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