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Two players on each side compete in a tennis doubles match.

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Q: How many people are playing during a doubles match in tennis?
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Related questions

Why is it quiet during tennis matches?

Because the people that are playing needs silence to concentrate on playing.

What are the differences between singles and doubles in table tennis?

In singles there are only two people playing head to head. In doubles, four people are playing on teams of two. In singles, there is no rule for the direction of a served ball. In doubles, you must serve the ball diagonally to the opponent.

What is Tennis For Two?

If you are playing tennis and there is one person on both sides of the court it is called singles. If there are two people on both sides of the court it is called doubles.

How many players are on a lawn tennis doubles team while playing doubles?

2 people on each team, while there are 2 opposing teams

How many people are playing during a doubles match?

A doubles match can be played in games such a tennis, badminton or ping pong.Doubles means two people play on each team.There will always be two teams, so that means a total of four people play in a doubles match.

What are the tennis positions?

In tennis there is singles, and doubles. In both there is playing baseline/server, alley/net/volley.

What are the long zones at the side of tennis courts for?

The inside line is the boundary for tennis when playing singles. The outside line is the boundary in Doubles.

How many players are on court during a doubles match in tennis?

There are 4 players on the court in a doubles match.

True or false in tennis is the alley used only while playing doubles?


When playing doubles tennis can you tell your partner no so they avoid hitting an out ball?


What muscles do you use during playing tennis?

almost all of them

What part of the tennis court is only used for doubles?

On a tennis court, there will be four rectangles along the side edges. The inside line of those boxes are called the singles sideline. When playing doubles, you use the full court, including those boxes. When playing singles, you exclude those boxes as part of the playing field.

What are the extra spaces added to a tennis court when playing doubles called?

They are called the tram lines

Tennis are you allow to serve from inside double white lines in playing doubles in tennis?

the area that you serve into is the same as in singles. The server may stand anywhere in between the center mark and the doubles sideline

Can you have doubles play in tennis?

Yes. Mens Doubles, Ladies Doubles and Mixed Doubles are permitted forms of Doubles in Tennis.

Why people hit to play table tennis?

Playing table tennis involves hitting a ball.

How do singles tennis matches differ from doubles?

Single tennis matches differ from doubles only in that it is played with two people, one on each team. Where a doubles tennis match is played by four people, two on each team. The other difference is they may bounce the ball twice before hitting it rather than just once.

How many people play tennis in US?

There are a lot of people. There is no specific number, as anyone could start playing tennis any second.

When did Super Doubles Tennis happen?

Super Doubles Tennis happened in 1983.

When was Super Doubles Tennis created?

Super Doubles Tennis was created in 1983.

How many people are needed in tennis?

YOu need two people for a singles match and four people for a doubles match.

Why did nadal start playing tennis?

He started playing tennis 'cause he liked tennis.

How many players in a lawn tennis doubles?

there are 4 players in lawn tennis doubles.

What song is playing during the tennis scene in Prom Wars?

No Heaven by DJ Champion

What does Prince 4 on a tennis ball mean?

The numbers on the tennis balls are simply for your benefit - if you are playing with Prince 1 balls, and the people on the court next to you are playing with Prince 4 balls, it is easier to retrieve your tennis balls when they wander onto another tennis court.