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22 players 6 defenders 5 midfielders 1 ruck 6 forwards 4 interchange

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there are 9 players in an Australian football game

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Q: How many people are on an Australian football team?
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How many people are in an Australian Rules football team?

There are 22 in total, 18 on the field & 4 reserves

What are the positions on an Australian Football team?


How many people are in 1 Australian cricket team?

there is nothing special in Australian team as every team has 11 players

How many football professional teams are in Carlton?

The Carlton Football Club, nicknamed "The Blues", are the only professional team representing Carlton in the Australian Football League (AFL). They are one of 18 teams playing Australian rules football.

Did galway play Australia in football in 1965?

If you are talking about Gaelic Football and Australian rules teams, then the answer is no. The first time Gaelic Football and Australian rules teams played each other was in 1967. A Meath team played an Australian team.

What is the name of the Australian Olympic football team?


Who is the captain for the Australian football team?

Lucas neal

What type of sports are associated with the Perth Glory?

Perth Glory is an Australian football team. Perth Glory is a professional team, but it also offers a development program. Australian football is not the same as American football.

How many medals have the socceroos won?

The Australian National Football team has not won a medal in Olympic competition.

How many pepole on a football team?

There are 11 people in a full size football team on the field at any one time. Each team is allowed one goalkeeper and 10 out field players. Only the goalkeeper can touch the ball with their hands. So the answer is 11.

How many people in football team?


How many players can be on the Australian football team on the field at once?

Each team has 22 players. Only 18 can be on the field at any time.