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In soccer, 23. The two teams of eleven, and the referee.

The two linesmen are not considered to be "on" the pitch... which is delineated by the goallines and touchlines.

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2008-10-14 18:09:13
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Q: How many people are on a football pitch during a game?
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How many players are normally on the football pitch during a game?

11 on each team so 22.

How many players are in a Rounders match are allowed on the pitch from the each team during a game?

16 football games during the regular season

How many players and officials are on the field during the football game?

In English Football (Soccer) there are a total of 25persons on the pitch 22 players ( 11 from each side) and 1 Referee on the Pitch 2 Linesmen just off the pitch

Where and when was Football played?

Football is played on a football pitch and anytime there is a game! It is played in MLS.

How many officials are on the field during a game in football?

There are seven officials on the field during a football game.

What is the seating capacity of University Idaho's football stadium?

during a football game the stadium can hold up to 18,000 people

Where is football game played?

On a football pitch, a football club's ground, a football stadium, are three possible name for where football can be played.

Why does there have to be eleven players on the pitch in football?

It's traditon to have 11 players on a football pitch so that there can be enough players to compete in a game.

When do usually large crowds of people support their favourite sides in football grounds?

During a game.

What is the sentence for invading a football pitch?

A huge pitch invasion occurred after the underdog won the game.

How big was the first football pitch?

Here is part of an answer from another Football question about the origins or the beginning of the game. We don't really know how big the first ancient football pitch was. In 1863 the English invented football and set out specifcations for size of a football pitch.

How many official are on the field in a football game?

There are seven officials on the field during a football game.

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