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One. You only need one person to swim. It's not a team sport.

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Q: How many people are needed in swimming?
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How many people like swimming?

alls people like swimming!

How many swimming pools in France?

Dumb question. People have swimming pools there. How many swimming pools in the US?

How many people died from swimming?

Nobody has died from swimming. It's drowning that kills you, not swimming.

How many people are interested in swimming?

Many people. About 6,000.

How many people can compete in synchronised swimming?

Í think that 6-7 people can compete in swimming.

How many lengths are needed for a swimming race?

it doesnt matter it can be any size

Could swimming be enjoyable?

Many people find swimming an enjoyable way to exercise.

Why is needed in swimming?


Is swimming famous?

I guess so. Many people swim. Almost everybody have heard about swimming.

What training is needed for Swimming?

Diet, some swimming-specific weight training, and lots and lots of swimming.

How many pounds of chicken is needed to feed 150 people?

how many pounds of chicken is needed for 150 people

How many people can be in a swimming team?

Any number of people can be on a swimming team. The number depends on the size of the pool and the times that the team is allowed to practice.

How do you say swimming competition?

Many people call it different things. Some people call it a swim meet. Others call them a swimming competition.

How many people are needed in a football match?

25 people are needed

What is swimming all about?

Well, swimming to me is just a privilege because, just think about how many other people can't swim. I'm being honest, i am one of the best swimmers in my whole neighbor hood, I've taught many people how to swim, dive, and many different strokes. Swimming is also for fun.

How many people are there in the US swimming group in the olympic?


How many people compete in swimming in the Olympics?

7 to 15

How many people particepated in the swimming Olympics in Beijing?


How many people play swimming in the Olympic?

a lot of people play.more than 5000

What are the values and purpose in swimming?

The purpose of swimming is for exercise, and to have fun! Many people who swim love it. It is also not bad for your joints as running is.

Why are people afraid in swimming?

People are afraid of swimming because of the risk of drowning. People fear death so are afraid of swimming.

Is swimming awesome?

no not for Cool people thogh its for swimming people

How many people does the Olympic swimming arena hold?

12,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 people

How many people from Great Britain won a medal in swimming?


How many people are on the swimming team in the book Whale Talk?