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Well only 1! But if you want to Scuba dive in a group that's okay to... :) hope i helped

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Q: How many people are involved in scuba diving?
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Related questions

How many people go scuba diving?


How many people die each year scuba diving?

According to DAN, approximately 17-18 on average die each year recreational scuba diving.

Where can one find scuba diving cameras?

Many scuba stores sell scuba diving cameras. Check a scuba gear stores in your area. This will allow you to compare cameras and get advise from fellow scuba divers.

Who uses a scuba-suit?

Many people use a SCUBA suit for diving. Sport divers, police divers and some Navy recovery divers.

What would you see if you went scuba diving?

Many different types of marine life you will expirence if you go scuba diving. It really depends what part of the world you go scuba diving in. Which will effect the type of things you see.

What can a scuba diver purchase from the Air Hog online shop?

A scuba diver can purchase many things for scuba diving at the Air Hog online shop. They can purchase dive knives, dive lights, dive computers, and dive bags which will help them in scuba diving.

Are scuba diving lessons more readily available in coastal locations?

Yes, scuba diving lessons are more available in coastal locations because they are closer to the ocean and have more trainers with experience. Also, these coastal locations are usually a big spot for tourists, which means more people that may want scuba lessons. It would make sense that scuba diving lessons would be more readily available in coastal areas because of the proximity of the ocean. Many hotels located on or near the beach offer scuba diving lessons either onsite or close by.

How popular are dolphins?

dolphin are very popular many people write about them and talk and play with them in aquariums and swim with them in scuba diving.

What are must have accessories for scuba diving?

There are many accessories which can be considered must haves for scuba diving. One should have a swimming suit, goggles and breathing apparatus in order to dive effectively.

Can marine biologist go scuba diving?

Yes, they can, and I'm sure many of them spend a lot of time diving.

What is more dangerous scuba diving or downhill skiing?

All depends. Extreme of either one is very dangerous. Generally i would say scuba diving because there are so many things that could go wrong.

What did Jacqus Costeau invent?

Jacques Cousteau is credited for and I believe invented the modern SCUBA gear for diving, making diving a sport accessible to many.

What scuba diving equipment is required for a deep sea dive?

There are many available options for deep sea diving scuba equipment. You will need a breathing apparatus, diving suit, gloves, boots, a safety helmet, a depth gauge, compass and depending on your depth, a cage for protection against predators. I would contact a sports shop specializing in scuba gear for a complete list.

Where can one go for a scuba diving vacation?

There are many places that offer scuba diving experiences most allow you to look at either underwater reefs or habitats that contain various different types of seallife. One example would be going with the Sandals company to the Caribbean which they claim is the most comprehensive scuba program.

What should you do for your 20th birthday?

go on holiday Go bungee jumping, water rafting, sky diving, scuba diving, and visit many beautiful countries

Can you use scuba diving as a skill for duke of edinborough?

I don't see why not. The Duke of Edinburgh Award encompasses many different skills and I think Scuba diving would be afab one to do. When I done my gold award I used cross stitch embrodiery for mine!! good luck..

Where can I get scuba diving lessons near the Gulf of Mexico?

Many of the larger hotel and resorts located along the Gulf Coast offer SCUBA lessons. Price varies based on location.

When should one not learn scuba dive?

most training agencies suggest that SCUBA be taught after 9years of age and should not be engaged in for one is a heavy smoker or has respiratory problems. Scuba is a high stress anaerobic activity. Anyone at risk of heart disease or arterial sclerosis should not participate. This is not medical advice. Please consult a doctor before engaging in SCUBA diving. also: if they don't want to.... too many divers start SCUBA diving to be with somebody they care for, (husband, girlfriend, etc) but have no desire to actually SCUBA dive.

How much money does a scuba diving photographer make per year?

Most scuba diving photographers don't make a lot of money at it. I have been scuba diving all around the world and have been diving with lots of photographers and have a lot of friends that consider themselves to be underwater photographers. Every once in a while someone will have a photo published in a magazine but not very often. Some people put together books of their photographs and try to sell them. Most people take the photos for their own person use as there really isn't a good way to make money as a professional underwater photographer. Some people have made money going for a dive and taking photos of other divers and such but plan on eating a lot of Spam if you plan on living on the earnings of underwater photography. There are too many other people doing the same exact thing.

How many miles in area is the Chesapeake bay estuary?

45 miles long and 10 miles wide and there is a diving place shoppe where you can go snorkeling and scuba diving but it is in a remote place. :-) Enjoy!

How do you get the diving suit where do you get it?

You can buy them. All good scuba shops sell dive suits. Many good spots shops not specializing in scuba gear can at least order on for you. You may also rent a dive suit.

What are the coral reefs special features?

The coral reef's special features are that it is so beautiful and colorful. Many people choose to go scuba diving in this ecosystem. There are many living creatures there that are to be seen.

What do Malaysians do in their leisure time?

Since it is warmer there, many like to go and visit the beach. Scuba diving is also a popular past time.

Where are good places to go scuba diving?

Characteristically, the majority of recreational scuba diving takes place in tropical waters (which are warm, have good visibility, and lots of brightly coloured marine life to look at) in depths of less than 90 feet of water. Popular destinations for scuba diving holidays include the Caribbean, the Red Sea, Thailand and Australia, although there are many other popular scuba diving destinations in the tropics.Recreational scuba diving also occurs in other environments. Wreck diving is popular in all parts of the world, including the United Kingdom, North Eastern United States and the Great Lakes, where (in each case) the water is cold and visibility is low. Cave diving is also a popular sport, particularly in the US state of Florida. There is even a specialised form of diving known as Ice diving for particularly brave souls. However, these forms of diving are much more dangerous, and usually require much more specialised training and equipment.Some divers also choose to dive deeper than 90 feet, although this considerably increases the risk of decompresion sickness, oxygen toxicity and other dangers of diving. Diving deeper than 130 feet falls within a specialised sphere referred to as "technical diving" which requires considerably greater training and equipment to deal with the risks.

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling Equipment that Every Beginner Needs?

After years of thinking about it, you�ve decided that you want to give scuba diving or snorkeling a try. Perhaps you�re going on a tropical vacation or you just want to experience the ocean in a new and exciting way.Both of these activities are definitely eye opening. Most people have only seen marine life in an aquarium or on the television. Of course, to take part in these activities, you will need certain scuba diving & snorkeling equipment. Snorkeling Equipment for the First TimerSnorkeling is much less involved than scuba diving. If you�ve never done either, you may want to start with snorkeling. This will help you get a feel for the activity before you move on to scuba diving, which will require more skill, effort, and equipment.To go snorkeling, you need a mask, snorkel, and a pair of fins. If you plan on snorkeling on a popular tourist beach, you may be able to rent this equipment. If not, you should be able to purchase all three pieces of equipment for less than $50. However, before you buy a mask and fins, make sure that they fit. You certainly don�t want ocean water getting in your mask as you snorkel.Scuba Gear for BeginnersOnce you have mastered snorkeling, you�re ready to move on to scuba diving. Many times, first time scuba divers will sign up for an introductory class. During these classes, an experienced instructor will take a few newbies out on a boat, help them with their equipment, and assist them on their first dive. Some classes will just teach divers how to use their equipment. As previously stated, there is a lot that goes into scuba diving. Unless you are planning on diving with an experienced person, you will need assistance.Before going on your first dive, you need certain equipment. While you can use your old mask, fins, and snorkel, you will also need to purchase or rent an exposure suit, scuba unit, dive watch, weight system, and dive computer. A dive watch is used to monitor your dive time. A weight system will help you descend, instead of float. Lastly, a dive computer will help you measure your depth.You may also want to invest in a scuba gear bag to keep all of your diving accessories in while you are underwater. Fill your diving bag with a diving knife, water proof flashlight, underwater camera, and signaling devices, just in case you get lost. Armed with this scuba diving & snorkeling equipment, you�ll be ready for any underwater adventure you have planned.