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7.1 billion people each year

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Q: How many people are injured each year because of Drag Racing?
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Why do they call drag racing ''drag racing''?

because of the major drag that happens when you race that fast

What is illegal drag racing?

Drag racing illegaly.

When was the drag racing car invented?

Drag racing cars were not invented. They developed. People were "DRAG" racing cars before the word "DRAGRACE" was invented. Acceleration racing of cars was done in the early 1900's and became a sport much later.

How many people die from drag racing a year?

its awesome

why they had too drag him to this hill?

There are many reasons why they had to drag a person to this hill. They might have had to drag him because he was injured and could not walk on his own anymore.

Who invented the first drag racing car?

Wally Parks invented the Drag racing car

How many teams are there drag racing?

alot as they come and go because of the economy

Why do they call it drag racing?

Drag racing (1954) is from slang sense of "wagon, buggy" (1755), because a horse would drag it. By 1851 this was transferred to "street," as in the phrase main drag, and it was adopted by hot rodders for "race on city streets." Dragster is also from 1954. edit: drag racing does not imply it is on city streets, it can be closed course and normally is

Are street racing and drag racing the same thing?

no, street racing is just that - street racing, it is done on public roads etc etc. drag racing is an official sport where u race at organised event at official drag strips.

3 forms of drag?

Drag Queen Drag Racing Drag of a cigarette Helpful no?

How did drag racing get its name?

Just a guess but, from racing from stop light, to stop light, on the main drag.

When did drag racing become popular?

the 1950's. Drag racing became popular in 1950's.

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