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It depends on what country you are talking about.

The 2008 US Olympic rowing team had 45 members.

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Q: How many people are in the olympic rowing team?
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How many people can be on an olympic team?

There is no official limit on how many Olympians there are in a team.

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An Olympic field hockey team has a roster of sixteen players.

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The number of people needed for a rowing team depends largely on the type of boat. An 8 boat, for example, requires 8 individual rowers as well as a coxswain at the helm.

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Marcus McElhenney is olympic in which event?

He was the coxswain for the U.S. Rowing Men's 8. The team won the bronze medal.

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up to 2 people @ a time can play fencing but in the olympic team there are.................a lot of people???????????????

How many people are on the olympic team?

It depends on the country and the year.