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As of right now only two but there used to be a bunch.

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Q: How many people are in D generation X?
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How many people are on D-Generation X and what are their names?

Their are currently two members in D-Generation-X Triple H and Shawn Michaels

Who is better the hardy brothers or d generation x?

The Hardy brothers is better than D Generation X

How awesome is D-Generation-X?

D-Generation-X is the most awesome and should have never been broken up.

How many songs does Triple H have?

3 D Generation X The Game The King of Kings

Did DX win at TLC?

Yes, D-Generation X won at TLC. and they used half a ladder because big show had put D-Generation X in the ladder and y2j hit the ladder 9 times with D-Generation X inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome Save

What year did D-Generation-X Form?


Are you a member of d-generation x?

uhh...... maybe.

What gang is Triple H in?


Why did d-generation x start wrestling?

D-Gerneration-X started a group to be the most feared people in the wwe. it is sorta like legacy or evolution. the only people left from DX is Shawn and triple H

What is the kliq?

it was a tag team but then renamed D-Generation X

What is D generation X's phone number?

they broke up

What is the name of d-generation-x theme song?

are you ready?