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Anywhere between 5-20

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Q: How many people are allowed on a coed professional cheer squad?
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How many people in a cheer leading squad?

about 20

When did All Star Cheer Squad?

All Star Cheer Squad happened in 2008.

What is the predicate in the sentence My sister is the captain of the cheer-leading squad?

is the captain of the cheer- leading squad

When was All Star Cheer Squad created?

All Star Cheer Squad was created on 2008-10-27.

Is there a second season of Cheer Squad?

Unknown. As of May 1st '17, Cheer Squad has yet to be renewed or cancelled.

What if your cheer squad isn't allowed to do any type of cheer stunting what do you do?

Arm Movements, Kicks, small lifts And just enjoy yourself!! that's the most important thing! :D

Does buljan middle school have a good cheer squad?

Buljan Has The Best Cheer Squad!! Im excited to Join the team(:

What cheerleading squad is Noah Cyrus on?

The Little cheer squad the Tennessee Twisters.

Can you make your own cheer squad?


What is Hellcats about?

Hellcats is about a university cheer leading squad.

What is a cheer squad?

it is a cheerleading team that works on cheers!

What is the most famous cheer squad?

Mckenzie Parrish