How many penalties has ronaldo missed?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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more than u can count

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Q: How many penalties has ronaldo missed?
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How many penalties has Ronaldo scored in la liga?

Ronaldo has scored 2 penalties in la liga

How many penalties were taken at the 2008 Champions League Final?

14. 3 were missed (by Ronaldo, Terry and Anelka), and Man Utd won the shootout 6-5.

How many penalties did Ronaldo and Měssi. score?


How many penalties had Cristiano Ronaldo missed?

Ronaldo missed three penalties in his career, all for Man Utd. One against West Ham, another against Barcelona and another one against Chelsea in the Champions League final. He is not only the best free kick, but also penalty taker in the World.

How many penalties has Cristiano ronaldo scored this season in laliga?


What is the record of missed penalties?

Nigeria vs Holland 9 missed penalties

How many times has cronaldo won the champions league?

As of 27/04/09 Once in 2008, Man Utd Beat Chelsea on Penalties. Ronaldo scored during normal time. but missed a penalty

How many penalties has Frank Lampard missed for Chelsea?


How many penalties have missed ibrahimovic?

With milan only one

How many penalties has Cristiano ronaldo lost in the premiere league this season?


How many penalties has Ruud Van Nistelrooy missed in his professional career?


How many goals have messinand ronaldo scored for there clubs?

in the 2011 2012 season messi has 55 goals in all competitions and ronaldo has scored 43 for madrid. from messis goals overall he has scored 4 penalties in 4 shots and ronaldo overall scored 9 penalties in 10 shots.