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Two - both at home against Tottenham Hot Spurs on Saturday, April 24th, 2010.

They also represent the first two times that Ryan Giggs has taken a penalty in a match in his career.

This is not to be confused with his penalty shootout involvement - famously Giggs scored the penalty that would be the winning shot in the Champions League Final in May of 2008, beating Petr Cech before Nicolas Anelka missed his penalty, awarding Manchester United the Champions League trophy over Chelsea. He also scored in the 2009 Carling Cup Final shootout against Spurs, beating Gomez with United's first penalty en route to winning the Carling Cup Final.

He has missed penalties as well - he missed a penalty in an FA Cup shootout tie against Southampton early in his career, as well as in the 2009 FA Cup semi final shootout against Everton. He has scored successful penalties in the Community Shield as well.

However, in terms of penalties in actual matches throughout his career, just the 2 against Spurs, both of them successful. He has not taken any penalties in the Champions League/European Cup.

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Q: How many penalties has Ryan Giggs scored in the premier league?
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Ryan Giggs is the only player to have scored in every premier league season

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Its Rayan Giggs who has played & scored in all seasons of premier league

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104 goals

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By the start of the 08-09 season, Giggsy had scored 96 goals in the Premier League, having scored 5 before the premier league's inception in 92-93. He has now scored 100 premier league goals!

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How many penalties has giggs scored?


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could be Ryan Giggs and Gary Speed.

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As of the end of the 2009-10 season, Ryan Giggs has indeed scored in every Premier League season - his most productive seasons in terms of Premiership goals were 1993-94 and 1995-96, in which he scored 13 and 11 goals respectively.