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NBA players receive two pay checks a month are 1 pay check every two weeks.


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Q: How many paychecks are paid to players per season?
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Do the NHL players get paid during the playoffs?

NHL players get paid for the whole season, but not the playoffs. There is often team bonuses for the players to split in the playoffs. Players get paid every 2 weeks, just like most common jobs, and their paychecks are calculated by their salary divided by the amount of 2 week periods in the season (presumably from training camp until the end of the regular season).

How many paychecks would you get if you were paid weekly?

If you reefer to 1 year you would get 52 paychecks, since there is 52 weeks in a year.

How many paychecks does a person who is paid biweekly receive in a year?

26 broski. .

If you are paid every two weeks how many paychecks do you receive in a year?


How many paychecks does a new employee get in a year if they are paid bi-weekly?

you would get 26

Who were the 10 highest paid NBA players during the 2006-2007 season?

Who is the highest paid player in the nba during the 2007 season?

How many paychecks does a person who is paid biweekly each year?

24 its actually 26 u fukk

Are future players paid anything once they have signed or do they wait til the beginning of the new season?

Players are only paid when they have started playing for the new team.

Do nba players play the season during a lockout?

No because they are not getting paid

Do professional sports figures receive paychecks?

Yes, they do get paid.

How many paychecks does a person who paid biweekly receive each year?

24 its actually 26 u fukk

Do professional football players get paid monthly?

They receive salaries weekly during the season, with 17 paychecks total. (This answer was drawn from an article posted on 06/17/2007) on, titled "Wide Receiver Will Be Just Fine" written by senior editor Vic Ketchman)