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there are 16000 parking spaces at dodger's stadium

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Q: How many parking spaces are there at Dodger Stadium?
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How many seats are there in Dodger Stadium?

The L.A. Times reported on August 23, 2005 that Dodger Stadium has 56,000 seats.

How many rainouts at dodger stadium?

Not Many

How many gates does dodger stadium have?


How many parking spaces are in Universal City south parking structure?

274 parking spaces, exactly!

How many parking spaces at magic kingdom?

There are 11,391 parking spaces are available

How many people fit in dodger stadium?


For each car in the US how many parking spaces are there?

There are 7 parking spaces to each car

Is there available parking for the Cleveland Browns Stadium?

The stadium does not have private parking. Instead there are many parking garages and parking lots within one mile of the stadium that you can use. They vary greatly in price depending on how close to or far from the stadium they are.

How many playoff games have been held at dodger stadium?


How many seats in the Dodgers stadium in LA?

According to the Dodgers website, Dodger Stadium has a seating capacity of 56,000.

How many parking spaces per acre?


How many parking spaces are in Disneyland?

They have a parking garage that has, if I remember correctly, 7 levels

How many cars can the Pentagon Parking lot hold?

It has 8 thousand parking spaces.

How many parking spaces does DIA have?

The Denver International Airport provides over 40.000 parking spaces in total. Opened 24 hours a day one can find garage parking, valet parking as well as shuttle services.

How many parking spaces can you put in an acre?

According to other sources on the internet, 100-150 parking spaces can be put in one acre (depending on design).

How many parking spaces are at valleyfair?

exactly 5,036,272,594

How many parking spaces are at Purdue university?


How many ways can four cars be parked in a row of four parking spaces?

There are 16 ways that four cars can be parked in a row of four parking spaces. You would multiply the number of cars by the number of spaces.

How many covered parking spaces available at USAA san antonio campus?

There is covered parking with the apartments.

The parking lot for a company has 3 parking spaces for compact cars The company has 8 employees with compact cars How many ways can the compact parking spaces be filled?

This is homework and Wiki won't help you cheat. Time to get to work and think.

How many parking spaces in a given area?

That kind of depends on the space given but genrally guessing about 100 to 150 spaces.

How many years did the Los Angeles Dodgers play in the Coliseum?

The Dodgers played in the Coliseum from 1958 until 1961, after which they moved to Dodger Stadium.

How many parking spots are in Walt Disney World?

There are 46,172 parking spaces at the Walt Disney World theme parks, water parks and Downtown Disney. That does not include the parking lots at the resorts.

Why pickup drivers back into parking spaces?

Actually many people do back into parking spaces. It is easier to see where you are going when you are leaving. Some do it because they can leave faster, too.

In a private residential parking lot with designated handicapped parking spaces can those spaces be restricted to residents only even if the guest has a handicapped placard?

Definitely yes. In many cases (such as the building I live in) the residents have to pay a monthly or yearly parking fee to the landlord or owner. Some of them may be designated handicapped parking spaces. A guest has no right to occupy the residents' paid-for parking spots. A private residential parking lot is private property, and the landlord or owner has the right to restrict parking as they see fit. A guest, even with a handicapped placard, runs the risk of having their car towed away if they park in a space reserved for residents.