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Q: How many paralympic classifications are there?
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How many sports will there be at the Paralympic Games?


How many gold medals did Australia get at the Paralympic games?

Auatralia won 19 gold medals at the last paralympic games

How many Australians are competing in paralympic games?


How many paralympic sports will be at the olympic 2012?

Cant you answer that

How many paralympic medals has the UK won?


How many sports in London 2012?

26 olympic sports and 20 paralympic sports will feature at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games.

How many sports are there in the Paralympics Games?


How many gold medals are won by UK in 2008 Paralympic games?

Great Britain won 42 gold medals in 2008 Paralympic games.

How many medals has Ireland won in London paralympic?


How many athletes will compete at the 2012 Paralympic games?


Has London hosted paralympic games before?

No, London has not hosted the Paralympic Games before. The 2012 Paralympic Games will be the city's first.

Can you use the word Paralympics in a sentence?

i participated many paralympic before