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there are 9 panels, the difference you can see is that they are longer from front to back.

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Q: How many panels are there on the cheer worlds mat?
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How can you turn a bamboo floor mat into a free standing screen?

You will need to decide how many panels the screen will have, then build a frame. If the mat does not fit the screen panels exactly they will have to be cut and the edges finished before affixing them to the panels.

Leftover mat panels mean the mat has been assembled incorrectly?


What is inserted at each mat panel end joint where the mat panels join?

Locking bar

When handling the mat panels you should?

Use proper lifting techniques and be aware of the mat pinch points

In what order are the mat panels picked up?

Right to left

What is used to align the ramps with the edges of the mat panels?

T spacers

Which would be the next step after cutting the damaged mat?

Lift out the damage panels

What technique is used to replace multiple rows of damaged mat panels?

Sliding technique

What are the sizes and weights of the AM-2 mat panels?

2X12, 144 lbs 2X6, 72lbs 1.5 inches thick

Which foreign object damage cover is being used by today's force?

am-2 and folded mat material or fiverglass reinforced panels

Where is the jack on a Toyota Highlander?

No year is give in the question. Try under the rear floor mat and pull-up floor panels.

Why do cheerleaders have to be an example?

Just like any school or professional sport, athletes should be an example to others. Cheerleading is no exception. Cheerleaders for a sport are there to encourage the fans to cheer along with them. They are meant to be leaders and a positive example for others and they are taught that, on and off the field (or cheer mat!)